In the predominantly Sunni Muslim country of Egypt, Arab wedding traditions are steeped in Egyptian culture. They possess a flair that befits such a fascinating country with so much history. Glossary – Quick Reference Katb el Katb: Egyptian wedding ceremony Kosha: Wedding reception (Coptic Christian wedding) Maa’zoun: Wedding officiant Mahr: Money gifted as a dowry […]

The chuppah is a traditional wedding canopy that serves as a central component of Jewish wedding ceremonies. The word chuppah literally means “covering,” but it also refers to the ceremony itself. The traditional chuppah is an open, temporary structure, like a canopy or a tent. The structure is draped with a covering and is supported […]

For those who’ve had the good fortune to participate in a Jewish or Jew-ish wedding ceremony, their fondest memory is probably of the hora. The hora—otherwise known as the horah or Jewish or Israeli dancing—is an exuberant circle dance that’s a centerpiece of Jewish bar-mitzvahs and weddings. Originally a slow dance often practiced in Romania, […]

Muslim weddings share a number of similarities to other cultures in terms of traditions (such as a first look, first dances, toasts, and more), but there are also unique traditions that set Muslim weddings apart. Muslim Wedding Venues In terms of venues, Muslim weddings can be held at hotels, mosques or most other popular wedding […]

The Sikh marriage ceremony is referred to as “Anand Karaj,” which translates to “blissful” or “joyful” union. Sikhism is a monotheistic Indian religion that originated in Punjab. In the interest of giving a brief history lesson, Anand Karaj was initially legalized in 1909 via the Anand Marriage Act. Now, it’s governed by the Sikh Reht […]

One of our favorite photographers, Erich Mcvey, travelled to Barcelona to photograph Jill and Niraj’s incredible wedding at the 12th century Castell De Sant Marcal and Cavas Codorniu. This idyllic setting was the backdrop for a lavish celebration, captured so perfectly by Erich. To date, this is one of our favorite Destination Indian Weddings. Vendor […]