Africa, the second largest continent in the world, is home to five diverse regions that bring different rituals, traditions, and customs to African Weddings. From the richness in culture to the African traditional wedding dresses, each element combines to create a fantastic, unique experience. Typically, African weddings represent the highlight of town, and those in […]

For the Japanese, a wedding serves as more than just the union of two individuals. Japanese weddings also represent a union of two families, and they are usually celebrated in one of the following three ways: Shinto Christian Buddhist It is important to note that the wedding ceremony need not portray the bride and groom’s […]

Of the photos and videos you’ll star in throughout your lifetime, your wedding video will surely rank among the most treasured videos in your collection. Wedding videos contain once-in-a-lifetime memories from the biggest day of your life. That’s why finding the best wedding videographers should take a high position on your list of priorities when […]

Like most wedding traditions around the world, Armenian wedding traditions represent a cornucopia of bliss and sweetness. Armenian marriage traditions, in particular, are celebrated on a large scale that rival even the most well-known marriage customs. Weddings in Armenia are colorful and highly symbolic, signifying how valued the marriage bond is and fortifying a sense of […]

Weddings are a delightful representation of cultural, regional, and religious conventions around the world. The beauty of Greek weddings lies in their flawless combination of orthodox church traditions and Greek cultural customs. From the way they get ready to the way they share the dance floor with their guests, newlyweds keep centuries-old Greek traditions alive […]