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hi friends! I’m Katelyn, an experienced destination wedding photographer based in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been in the wedding industry for around 9 years now, and I’ve seen a lot of weddings. but it’s still so wildly cool and such a huge honor to be involved in something so important and intimate- that feeling is never going to wear off for me. I genuinely couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I’m inspired by paintings, poetry and stories, and I want to make photographs that feel like all of those things. My goal is always to capture honest and emotional photos that really feel like you + your love (with some editorial vibes thrown in to turn these into cool art that you’ll LOVE!)


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop


What inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

so, I never realized wedding photography was my dream- when I fell into it when I was 20, I knew I loved photography, but had never really photographed people before. I was in college and found a part time job assisting a local wedding photographer and from the very first wedding I worked with her I was absolutely hooked. getting to connect with cool couples who become friends- and then turning your best day into beautiful photographs and celebrating your love with your favorite people- it’s all amazing and such a fun rush of adrenaline and emotions and creativity. and honestly, I should’ve known sooner that it was meant for me, I’m a huge romance junkie! give me all of the romcoms.

How would you describe your photography style?

I don’t like to put myself in a box with the traditional ‘light & airy’ or ‘dark & moody’ style descriptions. I value consistency, but also want to give each session the attention that it deserves- your wedding is about you, and it isn’t going to look like anyone else’s. I like fairly true to color tones. perfection doesn’t interest me; authenticity does. I don’t shoot weddings for the goal of getting a perfectly curated Instagram feed of photographs that all look the same.

How do you ensure that your clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot?

two words: preparation and motion! before we even have a session together, I send my couples a ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire and we usually have a zoom or phone call during the booking process. so when we meet, we are familiar with each other and from there it only gets easier! incorporating lots of motion during our session makes photographs that feel so true to who you are, without you ever asking what to do with your hands.

How do you ensure that you capture all of the important moments on the wedding day?

lots of preparation! getting the timeline set weeks (sometimes months) beforehand, communicating with the planner, questionnaires, and knowing everything that’s going on before I even arrive helps me to show up and be able to create freely. being really organized means I know the timeline like the back of my hand and don’t have to waste any time trying to figure out what is next- I can use all of my time to create and capture everything that is happening!

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