Full List of Wedding Maps SEO Benefits

A primary goal of Wedding Maps is to help photographers find clients through building their online presence and reputation.  A major part of this is creating SEO benefits or our members in the following ways.



With a Wedding Maps Profile, you have access to the following backlinks:

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1. A link to your website in to “Contact Info” section of your Profile on weddingmaps.com

deep link

2. Deep links to your website from the “about us” section of your profile on weddingmaps.com

slrlounge link

3. Links from SLR Lounge to your Website (If your images are selected from the feature challenges) See Example

petapixel link

4. Links from other websites such as Petapixel, The Photo Argus and More. (See Example) Note: These are not guaranteed but a bonus from time to time as opportunities arise.

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A directory listing to help with your local search rankings

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Our directory provides photographers with another reliable source to display their Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).  Consistent NAPs are critical for ranking high in local search rankings.  For more information, see this article form Search Engine Journal.

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