The Pub and Restaurant

The Pub and Restaurant is a historic Lincoln Square landmark. Over the years, it that has seen many changes in its lifetime. In April 1996, long-time Adams County resident Lisa Grim employed the expertise of local contractors. Such as Cy Deitz & Co., Inc., Clarence Andrews Contracting and Coldsmith Roofing, in order to bring her vivid vision for The Pub.

In fact, Artist Billy Jones brought life the angelic faces of children in a mural that can be found inside The Pub.  Also, through this artwork, Jones honored those people who have called this place a home over time. Moreover, what’s the old saying? Change is good. That sentiment rings true for for this place. Which has undergone a major renovation in pursuit of sharper design and more appealing aesthetics. The Pub and Restaurant is a great place for all your food cravings. With an extensive menu that includes mouth-watering burgers, steaks and pasta dishes. As well as beautifully arranged salads wraps – the Pub has something everyone will enjoy!

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