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Why is United Kingdom perfect for my wedding?

There are so many things to do in the United Kingdom, whether you like modern or traditional attractions. You can visit iconic landmarks for some amazing views, enjoy delicious food at world-class restaurants and attend international music festivals around the country! The UK is also known as an island nation that consists of England, Northern Ireland Scotland and Wales which adds up to its charm.

You can explore the beautiful and exotic nature of England by taking a road trip. Some recommended areas to visit are The Lake District in northwest England, Jurassic Coast in southern England, Orkney Islands northcoast of Scotland and Glencoe western Scotland.

With the UK’s rich history and tradition, you can host an extraordinary wedding in England. The rolling hills and castles create a majestic backdrop for any style of wedding you wish to have! Celebrate your love with friends and family at quaint villages or luxury London hotels – no matter where we go, memories will truly be made.

In fact, UK law recognizes both civil and religious weddings. To have a civil ceremony, you can either go to the register office or an approved venue. Notably amazing, in England and Wales, same-sex couples can now convert their civil partnership into a marriage.

On a lighter note, barn wedding venues have become increasingly popular over the last few years and Dodmoor House is a reason behind it with its rustic charm. Couples love to decorate these spaces according to their theme which makes them swoon for this venue in particular. With acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Dodmoor’s three Grade II-listed barns makes for a charming country wedding location. The family run venue specializes in making couples feel as though they are the only ones getting married that day.

A castle in Scotland, Carlowrie Castle is an amazing destination. It’s located just twenty minutes from the busy city center of Edinburgh with 32 acres of land full of green trees and grass around it. No matter whether you want to host a party in the permanent marquee or picturesque orangery, couples won’t have to give up contemporary luxury. There are plenty of characterful corners for celebrating!

City weddings are a popular choice for lots of couples too, because they provide great background scenery and easy access. The Ned, which is frequented by the Duchess of Sussex herself, provides opulence combined with classic style in a touch A-list glamour.

There is also the Spanish City, a coastal wedding venue in Victor, it can transport guests to another era because of its impressive architecture. As soon as you step into this spectacular waterfront venue, it is easy to imagine cocktail and canapé parties enjoyed by the socialites of the day.

If you are a history buff, then Hampton Court Palace is the perfect place to host your wedding. This palace was designed for celebration with luxurious banquets and grand scale entertainment all part of life at this famous residence in days gone by. What better venue to celebrate the biggest day of your life than a former King’s home – now that’s just bloody amazing!

In 2017, Fairyhill has been fully renovated and extended to become a beautiful venue for weddings. It is located in the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with lots of woodland features that give it an extraordinary charm. Definitely perfect for boho brides!

Step into a Jane Austen novel with your wedding at Matfen Hall, the perfect stately home for literary heroes and heroines. The impressive staircase leads up to a galleried hallway which is ideal for bridal photos before the ceremony starts; it gives guests an amazing first impression of what’s in store!

Nevertheless, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £23,141. Tyne and Wear are cheaper by comparison, while Greater London costs more on average compared to other regions.

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