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Select a city or region below to explore the best wedding venues.  In each of the venue listings, see the full potential of each wedding venue with the curated images from our award winning photographers. 

Explore US Wedding Venues

United States

The United States has almost every type of wedding venue you could ever dream up. The diverse scenery includes beaches, mountains, desserts, barnyards, cityscapes, and more. Explore some of our favorite US wedding venues below by clicking on each state.

wedding venues united states
Images by Jared Gant, Lin and Jirsa, Jos and Tree
Explore Venues from Around the World

International Wedding Venues

See our list of international wedding venues to fit your style and personality. From tropical beaches of Costa Rica to Chateau in the french countryside, you're sure to find your perfect wedding venue below.

international wedding venues
Images by Lin and Jirsa, Igor Demba, Tanya Parada, and Citlalli Rico

How to Use the Wedding Venues Section

Planning your dream wedding has never been easier!

After your engagement, it’s time to start planning and the first step is usually determining your wedding venue. You can either choose an indoor or outdoor venue and then decide how big of a space you need for your event.  Whether you’re going with an intimate feel with close friends & family or a large scale celebration outdoors like beachfront ceremony under stars on hot summer night, you’ll find the right venue among our thousands of listings.

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