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Cedar Rapids Marriott

1200 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, USA

You can host your wedding celebration at the Cedar Rapids Marriott. They also offer stunning event spaces, delicious cuisine and e

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cedar Rapids Convention Complex

350 1st Ave NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405, USA

When you dream of your perfect wedding, choose the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cedar Rapids Convention Complex. Here, the spacious,

Hilton Garden Inn Cedar Falls

7213 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA 50613, USA

Imagine your wedding day in a space that is as elegant and beautiful on the inside as it looks from outside. The Hilton Garden Inn

Small Grand Things

1903 W Point Rd, West Point, IA 52656, USA

Small Grand Things in Iowa is a dream come true for couples looking for the perfect wedding venue. Nestled amongst lush green lan

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Why is Iowa perfect for my wedding?

There is so much to be proud of in Iowa, from being the top corn producer and second largest state by population. It offers visitors a distinct Midwestern charm with its capital city at Des Moines. Iowa is a scenic state, with its many parks and caves. The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium are definitely worth checking out if you’re in town for any reason!

With that, choosing your dream venue here will seem like an easy task, however, with various options that ranges from rustic settings to elegant ones, you surely need to take your time. But at the end of the day, Iowa will truly provide you with that spectacular wedding destination venue unlike any other! Iowa is a place of great natural beauty, rich history and strong family values. It has everything you would expect from an escape to paradise with hassle free living at its best.

The Iowa State Capitol building is both a window into the history of the state and provides residents with an excellent view. Located atop one hill, you can see downtown Des Moines below as well as many other notable buildings. The State Capitol is a central location for much of Iowa’s government and features impressive architecture and design, as well as many historical artifacts. The building also houses interesting exhibits that you can explore on your own time!

For a unique natural side of Iowa, Maquoketa Caves State Park offers visitors the opportunity to explore bluffs and woodlands while hearing about what life was like beneath their feet. The park has numerous above-ground hiking trails that lead them through different landscapes including an area known as “Balanced Rock.” For those who are afraid of tight spaces, the Dancehall Cave is a lighted cave with high ceilings and walkway. And if you don’t mind squeezing your body into small crevices while exploring otherworldly environments, then Maquoketa Caves State Park also offers access to more than dozen different caves that require flashlights for exploration.

The Amana Colonies of Eastern Iowa is a seven-village complex that takes visitors back in time, to an isolated region where German Pietists first broke soil. For many years they had no outside influences and their communal lifestyle was intact. Today, the Amana Colonies is a National Historic Landmark and it’s hard to believe that this sleepy town still exists in America. You can experience the slower pace of life by visiting historical structures, dining at local restaurants or shopping for unique items here.

On the other hand, Grant Wood, an Iowa native, is one of the most culturally significant artists in American history. His works are recognizable to nearly every person because he incorporated his Midwest roots into some very famous pieces, including “American Gothic” which depicts a farmer and his wife outside their single story white home. Now, visitors to this house are often photographed in front of it. The farmer’s home may be seen by visitors, and they can take their pictures there too!

Thus, visiting Des Moines is like taking a tour of the state’s cultural epicenter. Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s next biggest city has plenty to offer, as well with its own unique culture and events worth experiencing!

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