Best Engagement Photography Locations in Ohio

Ohio is widely known as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame, Buckeye Football, and endless fields of corn, among other things. What you might not know about Ohio, however, is that the Buckeye State also serves up a diverse range of incredible backdrops for engagement photography, from small town rural to bustling cities, and everything in between. Whether you live in the vicinity or want to take your adventure on the road, you won’t regret making Ohio your destination for engagement pics. We’ve compiled a list of the best engagement photography locations in Ohio to help you plan your session.

Eastwood MetroPark

Eastwood MetroPark is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. The 185-acre lake and access to the Mad River provides various settings, like water sports! Definitely a haven if you want to spend the day with your partner, sit down near the lake and simply take in the beauty of the sunset. Your engagement session will truly be marvelous! As you walk down the path and candidly pose for that once in a lifetime moment.


eastwood metropark engagement studio twenty two photography


Wondering for a photo spot that’s both romantic and stunning? Consider shooting your engagement shoot on the docks or bridges over water! Rich tones are ideal here – especially blues which complement the greenery beautifully! Meanwhile, the perfect time to capture an engagement shoot is when the light pours through trees and tall grasses. Truly, Eastwood MetroPark demonstrates how beautiful golden hour can be!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 1401 Harshman Rd, Dayton, OH 45424, USA

Official site:

Carriage Hill MetroPark

The Carriage Hill MetroPark offers a lush natural landscape that will leave you feeling refreshed. With woodlands, prairies, and lakes to explore – definitely an area for nature lovers! Visitors can also enjoy interpretive programs as well. Whether you are looking to get away from the city life or enjoy some peace and quiet, this park will not disappoint! Better yet, this will perfectly fit for that vivid and carefree photoshoot for your engagement. Just wear you favorite dress and ensemble – the rest is up to you and the artistry of your chosen photographer.


carriage hill engagement studio twenty two photography


If you’re looking for a place that will provide plenty of space and privacy, then Carriage Hill’s ADA-accessible boardwalk at Cedar Lake is just what you need! Focusing on the natural beauty of this area, you’ll be drawn to its farmsteads and ponds for engagement photos. The location is really unique, because it has so many different areas that you can photograph from all over. Ranging from wooded areas, as well as open fields with crops growing in them!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 7800 Shull Rd, Dayton, OH 45424, USA

Official site:

Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark

Nothing can be compared to the majestic beauty of flowers, but what about an engagement? You can have yours at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark! This venue does not only offer you with its beautiful space and promoting green living – they also make it possible for your big day! The park is a beautiful display of landscape architecture and plant life. It has been designed with the intention to showcase native plants, in balance with some traditional species too! So, don’t miss it when you come across this natural gem.


wegerzyn garden wedding studio twenty two photography


You can’t go wrong with a beautiful sunset! The golden light that shines through the trees and high hedges makes any photo come alive in such an elegant way. Especially when taken during this special time. On one hand, the hedge gardens at Wegerzyn are absolutely breathtaking in any season. The colors change from rich vibrant greens to warm golds and reds. Which makes the perfect backdrop for your engagement session!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 1301 E Siebenthaler Ave, Dayton, OH 45414, USA

Official site:

Sugarcreek MetroPark

A hidden treasure in the heart of Ohio, Sugarcreek MetroPark awaits you! A scenic landscape that’s not only perfect for a relaxing day trip with friends and family, but also fit for great hiking or biking adventures. Flowers line the field, as well. And you can take photos from any angle desired, because this place was made especially for photographers looking to record unforgettable memories! Get ready to pose all you want, as you choose this park as one of the places (or the only place) for that exciting engagement session.


sugarcreek metropark engagement studio twenty two photography                                                                                                                                      

It’s a beautiful day and you want to explore Sugarcreek MetroPark. The stone walking path along the riverbed is a favorite feature here. But, keep in mind to pack your hiking shoes if you plan to get in that certain area. Most of this park takes place within the woods where there are many natural rocks to walk on. On the contrary, the scenery here is definitely worth the effort!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 4178 Conference Rd, Bellbrook, OH 45305, USA

Official site:

Dayton Art Institute

The Dayton Art Institute is the perfect place to create an abundance of beautiful memories! You can join in unique special projects, explore what creativity has to offer at workshops. Be sure not miss out on this premier destination for gatherings! The museum’s event spaces accommodate events for any size. The stunning venues will be able to exceed your expectations. Go all out and artistic as you make your way towards that greatly anticipated session for that much loved engagement.


dayton art institute wedding studio twenty two photography


The building itself, with its impressive architecture and beautiful art collection make for an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll even have plenty of artworks to adore! Thus, it’s also home to many different types of exhibition throughout which are always worth seeing. With its distinctive red tile roof and historic Renaissance style architecture, it’s easy to spot DAI from far away!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 456 Belmonte Park N, Dayton, OH 45405, USA

Official site:

Krohn Conservatory

The Krohn Conservatory is a place of art and beauty. The building itself, like any good work of architecture should be the focal point for all it has to offer. But when you enter through those doors, your attention immediately switches from exterior façade to intricate interior details. What really makes this venue stand out is how significant everything looks on such an outwardly simplistic sight! Just imagine your engagement photos here filled with lush greenery, dainty flowers, and even fascinating butterflies galore.


krohn conservatory wedding studio twenty two photography


When you first enter the venue, it will be like walking into a forest. You may even have ideas that are out-of-the box because of its unique atmosphere and surroundings! The trees are quite tall and the branches reach out to bless every corner of the space in a mystical jungle-like setting. The glass ceiling provides an unmatched view too. Offering it impossible for light not to capture unforgettable moments with your loved one!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 1501 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA

Official site:

Front Street

Front Street is the epicenter of downtown Dayton, Ohio. This place brings together thousands every day with their unique goods and services for all walks of life! There are artists here who create beautiful pieces from pottery to sculpture. Front Street is a fabulous place to explore for photos. You can do an entire engagement session here just by walking around and taking pictures of all the fun nooks and crannies that this amazing place has to offer.


front street engagement studio twenty two photography


Indeed, Front Street is an exciting place to visit with its lively atmosphere and colorful surroundings! The gist of downtown Dayton is that it’s a small town with something new around every corner. You can find beautifully manicured areas, or photographic spots in an interesting way to take some memorable photos!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 1001 E 2nd St, Dayton, OH 45402, USA

Official site:

Short North Arts District

Ohio’s capital city is home to many firsts, and the Short North Arts District has been at the forefront of Central Ohio’s revitalization! Originally known for being “the art district with soul,” it now serves as an artistic hub that encompasses more than just visual arts. A perfect representation for the couple that wants a hands down artsy engagement session. Every masterpiece can be freely seen, as it was made by artists for tourists and locals alike to enjoy.


short north engagement studio twenty two photography


Short North is one of the most vibrant art districts in Ohio, with it’s own identity that was created by an individual artistic vision. Nowadays, you can find culture and creativity here, as everything at these streets has been thoroughly crafted by style. Notably, it’s a neighborhood filled with colorful and eclectic offerings!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: Short North Arts District, Columbus, OH, USA

Official site:

Grant Park

The next time you’re in the mood for an outdoor adventure, head on over to Grant Park! Trails here lead through meadows and alongside streams. Additionally, you’ll have the whole area as a picturesque location suited for a whole (or maybe half) day of engagement photoshoot! You can get extra creative with nature as well. As you take advantage of the sunset, along with the crystal waters that could be found here. Feel the warmth of endless romance as you walk hand in hand with your partner at this tranquil park.


grant park engagement studio twenty two photography


Hikers of all skill levels will have an enjoyable time on the trails here. With something for everyone, from beginner hikers who want some fresh air and exercise in nature’s beauty to more experienced outdoorsmen. In fact, the reflection of light here is exceptional! The best hour of the day is, without a doubt, golden! The sun sets in about an hour and during this time, you can get some really stunning shots!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: Grant Park, 501 Normandy Ridge Rd, Dayton, OH 45459, USA

Official site:

Oakes Quarry Park

Take a hike through the Oakes Quarry Park if you’re looking for an outdoor activity in Fairborn. You’ll find that it has two types of trails: footpaths and horseback riding routes that crisscross over ancient limestone fossils. The quarry is an awesome spot for engagement photos that offer a variety of terrain and scenery! It showcases an assortment of different landscapes and gives you plenty of room with which to work.


oakes quarry park engagement studio twenty two photography


The quarry has a vibe that’s much different from what you’ll find in Dayton. Instead, it gives off an arid desert landscape with wooded areas and high grasses mixed into the background. You can always feel the warmth of sunlight through your skin when you are out at sunrise for that engagement session. The silky-soft rays make for one incredible experience!

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)

Address: 1267 E Xenia Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324, USA

Official site:


The best way to celebrate the day of your engagement session as a couple is by incorporating some interests and favorite spots. As well as where your first date was held, or even where you’ve had your first kiss! This will make for an interesting, engaging photo shoot for sure. Equipped for all you engaged folks who are looking forward to tying the knot. As engagement sessions should be an absurd amount of fun! Bring out your best side and celebrate with outstanding photos too.


What’s more romantic than planning your wedding from start to finish? With Something Old Dayton, you get all of the professionals on hand for an intimate 90-minute ceremony. The pop up venue provides easy access and flexibility in terms of location too. In addition, they also cater various events, including a stylized engagement session in their venue. It’s time to get creative here! Their studio rentals are great, no matter what type of photography or video you want to do. They have everything from bright natural light, all the way through spaces with an edge that will suit any taste.


something old dayton wedding studio twenty two photography

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)


You won’t find any other place like Lost and Found Vintage Rentals. Their eclectic mix of vintage furniture will help bring your vision alive! The best engagement photos are taken at the perfect spot, may that be outside or in their neutral colored studio. If you want to take your relationship to new heights, Lost and Found is the one for you! From engagement photo shoots in Dayton to traveling around Ohio, they have you covered with their amazing vintage props. They will come and transform any place into a beautiful back drop for your big day!


lost and found engagement studio twenty two photography

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)


If you’re looking for some of the most creative communities, look no further than Yellow Springs. It’s home to many public art pieces that will make any occasion special with their unique style and colors! With 2,000 acres preserved and enough space to roam free on your own accord or with friends in tow – this place will leave you feeling at one with nature. Adding up the place’s notably warm atmosphere that’s perfect for any couple’s engagement session! You’re sure to find something new when exploring this beautiful town!


yellow springs engagement studio twenty two photography

Photo by: Studio 22 (Megan Allen)


Have you always been the type of person to carry their passions with them everywhere? If so, it’s time to match that in your intimate engagement photo sessions! One of the best ways to have a perfect engagement photo shoot is by having fun, celebrating one another, and enjoying every moment. It doesn’t matter what location you choose for your Ohio photo shoot! Just make sure that both parties are feeling happy. And don’t forget how great it feels during this magical time together!


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