Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark

Nothing beats the natural beauty of flowers! What else could you get if you’ll have your matrimony in a garden setting? Well, look no further, as the Wegerzyn Gardens Metro Park will answer that for you. This venue does not only offer the beauty of its space, but also it promotes green living. Additionally, it also showcases the importance of landscaping with native plants, in balance with some traditional species too. You’ll become an avid home gardener, that’s for sure! But wait, before that, look at the outdoor venues that this park has to offer.

The Arbor Garden is a tranquil area, it offers privacy at its finest. As it is bordered by mounded beds suited for an intimate affair. However, this garden is extra amazing for accommodating 100 guests! Notably, with only a rental fee of $250. Pretty affordable for such delightful venue. That means, more budget left for the reception galore! On the contrary, you also have the English Garden. Now, this space evokes an English gardening style, which can be easily seen through the design and plantings. Also, a lovely wooden arch is located at the center of the said garden – perfect for a picturesque place to say your vows. But this one can only accommodate 40 guests – the smaller the guests, the more intimate it could get. Still, for the same amount of rental fee as the latter!

In addition, there are also other activities that you could do in this park. You can venture into the woodlands and trek on the Marie Aull Nature Trail, or at the Swamp Forest Boardwalk. If you want something extra peaceful, try the botanical prowess of the Stillwater River Corridor. All of that can be found in this one spectacle of a place.

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