Best Engagement Photography Locations in New York

The great diversity in New York is on display every day! From the bustling streets to quiet parks, you can find people from all over America living their best lives here. The city of New York is a melting pot for all sorts. Whether you’re from another country or just traveling through, there’s plenty to see and do here! Also, with so many locations, you can have a different engagement photo session in the city every day of the week! The possibilities in this bustling metropolis are endless. Whether you’re looking to take some street style shots or want traditional formal portraits for your engagement, there’s an option that will suit everyone here at the Big Apple!

Central Park

Imagine you’re in Manhattan and Central Park lies right outside your window with its vast green spaces. Truly, Central Park is a masterpiece of nature and design. It’s also 840 acres in size, extending between Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue. If you’ll look at it, the space is more than enough to explore for your anticipated engagement session! You can strike a pose in every area without any hesitation, you can even do a creative shot with the famous Bethesda Fountain as your background and in more stunning spots.  

central park wedding kesha lambert photography

  Central Park is a treasured New York City landmark, and one of the first parks created in America using landscape architecture techniques. The variety in the park’s terrain and vegetation is astonishing. You’ll find everything from gentle slopes, shady glens to steep rocky ravines. Also, the park is a great place for both nature lovers and those who enjoy long walks. There are many points that offer scenic views, so you will never run out of things to do! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: Central Park, New York, NY, USA Official site:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an iconic place that houses art from all around the world. The sheer number and variety in these galleries can leave your mouth agape with amazement, but it’s also possible to get lost looking through time as each work spans from past centuries. Your engagement session can continue at the museum, too! Whether it be inside with all its art pieces or outside on one of history’s most picturesque architectures. You won’t want to leave after your visit here, because you will miss out so much that is worth seeing in every way possible.  

metropolitan museum of the art engagement kesha lambert photography

  Further, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or simply known as “The Met” is more than just a place to admire beautiful art. It’s an experience that inspires you with new ideas and connections across time and cultures, making everyone’s visit surely memorable! On one hand, The Met is an institution that has the power to captivate. There are three locations in which visitors can find it as well; you’ll have The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, USA Official site:

Brooklyn Bridge Park

A perfect day outside is one where you can enjoy Brooklyn Bridge Park’s many amenities, trails, and panoramic views. The 1.3-mile stretch features some breathtaking sights on Lower Manhattan as well! In fact, capturing your engagement session in such a beautiful place like Brooklyn Bridge Park will provide the perfect balance between candid and posed shots. Not only can you do natural, outdoor sessions here, but if that’s not enough space for your type of photos – themed locations also exist! If you want a carnival or majestic vibe, there’s the historically famous Jane’s Carousel waiting for you.  

brooklyn bridge park engagement kesha lambert photography

  Also, you can stroll through Brooklyn Bridge Park’s scenic promenade and piers. Visitors will be in awe of all that this area has to offer! There are delicious food options available, as well as drink stands along for your convenience. You’ll even see elegant landscapes from many different points around these parts thanks to its wide variety of vistas. How can you not be captivated by the cityscape across this park? With ample amounts of sporting fields, there is always something happening at any given moment here! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: 334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA Official site:

Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is a hidden gem! The history of this beautiful park dates back centuries before it became a historical landmark today. Native Americans inhabited the land for generations, before white Europeans took over during colonial times – making Fort Tryon’s roots deep with American heritage. Now, the park has grown to be one of the most sought after destinations for special occasions. The scenic views, abundant flora, and wide open spaces make it an excellent choice if you are looking to host your engagement session and celebration here.  

fort tryon park wedding kesha lambert photography

  Because of Fort Tryon’s blooming character, visitors tend to choose this place for various occasions as well. Not only that this quaint place provides a splendor time with nature, but it also offers facilities and amenities suited for events. It mostly ranges from birthday parties, family gatherings, intimate or grand wedding ceremonies, and more! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: Fort Tryon Park, Dr To Broadway, New York, NY, USA Official site:

Glen Island Park

The sound of the waves crashing against a boat’s bow is one that never gets old. If you have an afternoon free, head out to Glen Island Park and enjoy yourself while taking in all that this beautiful park has to offer! You can go fishing or just lay back with your partner on one of its many pristine beach sides. Better yet, you can have your engagement photography session here, as you make your way along the sandy shore and savor those perfect romantic moments.  

glen island wedding kesha lambert photography

  There are two parts to Glen Island’s property: public and private areas. The public portion of the park includes hiking trails and picnic facilities, but it’s also home for many people who enjoy spending time outdoors on beautiful grounds that overlooks oceanfront views! Meanwhile, the private area includes the renowned Glen Island Harbour Club, it’s a waterfront location that provides service and luxurious amenities for various events! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: Glen Island Park, Weyman Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10805, USA Official site:

Queens Museum

The Queens Museum is a wonderfully unique and intimate venue with an eclectic art collection. Remarkably, it’s more than just a regular museum! It’s home to one of the most stunning reception spaces in all of New York City. But weddings are not the only event that this museum caters, especially with its distinctive art pieces, engagement sessions and celebrations are welcome here as well! Get ready to explore the whole area during your time at Queens Museum.  

queens museum wedding kesha lambert photography

  In addition, the Queens Museum has an open gallery design, which allows natural light to shine through. It also features soaring 40-foot ceilings and a beautiful space overlooking the Unisphere. You will surely have an unforgettable time in the Queen’s Museum, as this artistically contemporary space makes for an amazing venue. Indeed, Queens Museum is a must see for any visitor to New York! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Between Grand Central Pkwy and, Van Wyck Expy, Queens, NY 11354, USA Official site:

Marina Del Rey

For a venue that truly has it all, look no further than Marina Del Rey. With stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and Long Island Sound, this beautiful multi-venue property should not be missed! Especially during sunny days, you can fully enjoy a divine backdrop from this place. Not to mention, it’s known for its magnificent white bridge that creates a heavenly feel for every photograph. Now, if you seek results of enchanting photos from your engagement session, Marina Del Rey is definitely the place for you.  

marina del rey wedding kesha lambert photography

  Marina Del Rey is also known as an exquisite wedding destination. In here, the sound of waves crashing on shore will wash away your troubles as you exchange vows and take in the most stellar view. While the expansive patio offers you and your guests an amazing place for the reception. Perhaps you’ll even consider choosing this stunning location as both the venue for your engagement and wedding celebration! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: 1 Marina Dr, Bronx, NY 10465, USA Official site:

Lyndhurst Mansion

Entering the grounds of Lyndhurst Mansion, you’ll be greeted by long fields and manicured gardens. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, with lush green grass and mature trees that provide ample of shade. Above all, the mansion is a century-old estate situated on the banks of the Hudson River. Aside from being one of the 29 National Trust Historic Sites across America, Lyndhurst Mansion is also open for private event rentals, as well as all sorts of photography sessions (including engagements) and even movie shootings.  

lyndhurst castle wedding kesha lambert photography

  This magical and serene estate is the perfect place to capture your love story too!  As soon as you walk through those gates, you’ll certainly have a dramatic photo shoot! This vast property will be your photographer’s chance to curate photos that will leave you in awe, may you want it to be classically stylish or gothic in some ways – Lyndhurst Mansion will be your ultimate canvass! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: 635 S Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591, USA Official site:

Harbor Club at Prime

The Harbor Club at Prime is the best place to be for your next special occasion. Whether you’re looking to host an intimate gathering or celebrate in style, this venue has what it takes! A beautiful waterfront property with 20 years of luxury hospitality expertise? Yes, that’s the Harbor Club! Also, the Prime Restaurant in the Harbor Club has a renowned cuisine that is innovative and ever-changing. A top shelf beverage awaits you with every bite or sip, as you enjoy your engagement photography session at this premier NYC spot.  

harbor club at prime wedding kesha lambert photography

  Picture this vibrant, exciting place to hold your dream wedding and engagement session! The breathtaking water views are just one highlight of the many things that make Harbor Club so special. Also, with its proximity to all things Long Island has to offer, as well as major transportation hubs, this location will be perfect for every couple looking for an exclusive place to celebrate! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: 95 New York Ave, Halesite, NY 11743, USA Official site:


Brooklyn is the perfect destination for culture-loving hipsters and vintage enthusiasts. With its vast array of neighborhoods, there’s something in this borough that will meet any interest – whether you’re looking to get craft cocktails on Williamsburg streets or find home goods at a flea market! Brooklyn has it all, from beautiful parks to delicious food! You’ll certainly enjoy your engagement session here because of how easygoing and fun-loving Brooklynites can be.  

brooklyn engagement kesha lambert photography

  The great views of New York are something that all visitors should experience. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers some scenic locations, and if you’re not too tired, it’s worth taking in this beautiful scenery while strolling along. Frankly, the bustling metropolis of tomorrow is what awaits you on a walk through Downtown Brooklyn! Photo by: Kesha Lambert Address: Brooklyn, NY, USA Official site:


As a couple, it’s very important to plan ahead for your engagement photography session. One great way of doing so would be listing your favorite spots in NYC together! You also need to consider how vast the state is and the various locations that you both want to cover. Always make sure to talk about all of the necessary details. Starting from what time you’ll start, will you only have one or several locations for the day, what will you both wear, and so on. By keeping all of those in mind, your engagement session should be a blast!

The Raines Law Room

For a 1920s-themed engagement session, the Raines Law Room is an excellent choice. This venue has an atmosphere that will transport you back to the Gatsby Days and it’s perfect for any type of celebration too! Notably, this New York City institution has been catering to the city’s elite since 2009 with its extensive wine list, creative drink menu, and intimate atmosphere. The patrons of this particular establishment are treated to an elegant and serene experience. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another era as soon as the lights dim and soft sounds fill your ears. The ambiance here is designed with comfort in mind, complete with undisputed privacy.  

raines law room wedding kesha lambert photography

Photo by: Kesha Lambert

Brooklyn Chop House

Brooklyn Chop House is a steakhouse where the food and drink are as premium than any other five-star restaurant in town. This is the perfect location to take your special someone for their birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. Not only does this place has an interesting back story, but it also showcases a classically romantic and elegant vibe that goes along with every bite you take! Get that old-fashioned, scenic look you’re going for with a casual engagement session at the Brooklyn Chop House.  

brooklyn chop house engagement kesha lambert photography

Photo by: Kesha Lambert


A perfect New York engagement session is where you and your partner are both having fun and being carefree all throughout. Because it gives more in-depth meaning behind any usual photo shoot. You can choose any location for this special occasion as well. Just remember to keep the passion burning with every pose that you make and moments that you share.


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