The Raines Law Room

The Raines Law Room is the perfect place for your next speakeasy-style event. Guests can enjoy private dining, cocktail receptions, mixology tutorials and team building seminars. This venue accentuates a prohibition era atmosphere that will transport you back to the1920s Gatsby. Also, known for its extensive wine list, creative drink menu and intimate atmosphere, this institution has been serving drinks to New York’s high society ever since 2009. In addition, the venue was named from an 1896 law meant to curb New Yorkers’ liquor consumption. How fascinatingly witty!

Impress your guests with a perfectly crafted cocktail and delicious bites in the most unique venue you’ve ever seen. Perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings or engagement parties; get ready to wow them! Further, The Raines Law Room is the perfect date spot in one of NYC’s most popular areas. Inside this dimly lit speakeasy, there is a sense of comfort and elegance. The atmosphere was designed to be more lounge-like than bar-like. With leather seats for guests to relax in and curtains that give you privacy when needed without having an actual wall around your table. Along with their inventive drinks, delicious food and stunning design work, they are hard to beat! So simply imagine having an intimate celebration here – the undying romantic feels.

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