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Why is Arizona perfect for my wedding?

The Grand Canyon State of Arizona is home to some truly breathtaking views. There are plenty of natural, culinary and cultural delights to have in the state where desertscapes meet stunning canyons. From unique full landscapes to majestic rock formations – everything will truly be stunning!

Uniquely, Flagstaff, Arizona is often described as the land of palm trees and cactus. However, this landscape also offers great skiing opportunities all year round! Flagstaff’s elevation at 9500 feet means that it gets an average snowfall between 4-6 inches. With its abundance of desert landscapes, you’d be forgiven for thinking Arizona was hot and dry forever but there are plenty to ski here too.

There are a variety of reasons why Arizona is the perfect place to get married. In addition to having stunning landscapes, its diversity in wedding styles allows each couple an opportunity for their special day that fits them perfectly. Ranging from rustic or modern, Tuscan inspired or country club style, Arizona has got it all!

Arizona has a range of wonderful and out of the ordinary wedding locations. Popular choices include Phoenix and the surrounding areas such as Scottsdale or Tucson in Southern Arizona, different parts of North Valley like Glendale or Chandler, also coastal regions. Within Arizona, there are a variety of locations you can host your wedding in. Additionally, there is the Phoenix Metro which includes 41 cities and towns that have rapidly grown over 20 years making up 66% of the population with venues such as hotels and resorts, to private villas or estates near mountains.

On the contrary, getting married in the Tucson and Southern Arizona area provides a variety of scenic backdrops such as mountains, deserts, tropical birds, and beautiful grasslands for outdoor ceremonies. There are also opportunities to tour old mining towns or experience what it was really like during the Wild West era by visiting military sites and museums.

Also, Scottsdale, Arizona is a great place to get married with its eye-catching desert boulders and soaring cacti that add color to the Sonoran Desert’s monochromatic palette. However, if you are looking for the perfect valley wedding venue, you can choose between the East and West Valley where there are many options available like an event center or even golf club!

Consequently, Arizona has lower taxes than other states in the US. Its venues charge between 2.57% and 5.3% in taxes, while services fees average 22%. If you choose to have bar service during your event, expect additional charges on top of this fee.