Broadway Trailhead | Saguaro National Park

Broadway, Tucson’s major thoroughfare, will take you to the sprawling shopping malls and bustling brew pubs. It won’t stop there though! You’ll find a cornucopia of cuisines all along Broadway as well as many inviting hiking trails that beckon your exploration. Now, that’s something new right? But here’s the catch: in order to reach these trails, which lie in the Northwestern corner of the Saguaro National Park East, you need to follow Broadway far East. Along of its bright lights and big city attractions, there, you’ll see a signed trailhead just short of a dead end on its Eastern side.

Namely, the Saguaro National Park is a cacti-desert-lover’s paradise! Also, uniquely, this park allows you to choose anywhere you want to host your elopement. It’s such a catch if you want something extremely out of the box. Not to mention, the romantic and warmth atmosphere it has to offer, like literally! To illustrate, you can find both the West and East District in this area. However, they have various differences. The West District is the most popular and well-visited, it showcases a flat, paved nature trail that’s easier to access. It also offers great Saguaros up close, but remember, if you think it may not look spiky – then you might reconsider. Always keep in mind not to touch the cactus as a safety precaution.

On the other hand, in the East District, the Saguaros are branchier with its classic shape. This is also the starting point for longer backcountry hikes in the park. But the gist is, it’s less crowded. Which means, chances of having an intimate and private elopement ceremony here is definitely higher.  Consequently, Saguaro National Park is a popular place for weddings and special events. All of these activities however require permits. It is issued by the NPS before they are permitted to take place. Thus, it is a way of preserving their beautiful natural resources, while maintaining an enjoyable experience for visitors as one of their top priorities.

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