Best Engagement Photography Locations in Canada

There are many great locations in Canada for engagement photography.  The beautiful country provides plenty of great scenes, like stunning views of the the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.  Or for lifestyle sessions, consider incorporating fun activities such as hiking, camping and skiing.

Head to the coasts for ocean views on either the Pacific Ocean side or the Atlantic Ocean side.  And of course, any of the large cities will offer plenty of opportunities for city scapes and night scapes.  Below are some of the best engagement photography locations in Canada.

Banff National Park is Canada’s first ever national park, and it’s located in the heart of Alberta. The stunning mountains have made this place a popular spot for scenic se

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Calgary is the perfect destination for those looking to have a fun-filled vacation. Also, there are plenty of amazing things here too! That includes scenic mountains and beautiful

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The turquoise waters of the oceans are so beautiful and delicate, like a work of art. They change in color throughout each year as ice melts or new icebergs break off from glaciers

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