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Why is Colorado perfect for my wedding?

Colorado is one of the fastest-growing states in America. This growth can be attributed to its fantastic quality life, stunning natural beauty and progressive policies. The state’s abundance of outdoor activities makes it an irresistible place for those who favor adventure! Thus, garnering its vivid name as “Colorful Colorado”.

For nature lovers, Colorado should be at the top of their bucket list. The state is home to many national parks and natural wonders including pristine lakes, majestic mountains, hidden caverns, and spectacular waterfalls. It also showcases unusual rock formations that all add up to its incredible beauty! Colorado is a state with many unique cities to explore. Whether you’re seeking an urban playground or rural mountain town, there’s something for everyone in Colorado. Some of the most popular places include Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins Aurora and Loveland. These cities are not only accessible to outdoor activities but also vibrant on their own!

If you’re looking for a wedding with outdoor activities and scenic views, Colorado is the perfect choice. The vast mountains offer many locations to hold your event outside, while blankets of snow create beautiful backdrops surrounded by nature.

In Colorado, the weather changes drastically from December to March. Therefore, it’s more common for couples to get married in summer, when there are plenty of sunny days and beautiful views of mountains around. No matter what season you choose for your wedding celebration though; venues like parks and mountain resorts can provide an unforgettable experience throughout the year.

Denver, the vibrant and young capital of Colorado, has several neighborhoods to explore for your wedding. If you want to get married here, consider Cherry Creek for its chic restaurants and upscale shopping. Also, other key trends in the city are vintage-themed weddings, interactive food stations, bold-colored cakes and the iconic Colorado beer!

Another city gem is the Colorado Springs. It is a city located near the state’s most famous mountain, Pikes Peak. And has become popular for couples to get married here and use the mountains as natural decorations during their wedding ceremony. Other popular spots include Cheyenne State Park, Garden of Gods National Forest Area and Preserve, and Cave of Winds.

If you want to show off the stunning views of Boulder, Colorado for your wedding guests then this is a great place. The base of the Rocky Mountains provides an opportunity to have outdoor weddings and mountain style weddings. It also has historical western vibes and amazing food experiences!

The average wedding in Colorado cost $60 to $150 per guest, depending on the venue. The sales tax is 2.9% and service charges are 22%. Keep in mind that these fees aren’t included when determining a final price for your event which you’ll have to pay separately from the quote quoted by each vendor or team member involved with coordinating it all together!

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