Brainard Lake Recreation Area

Take in the stunning views of Brainard Lake and surrounding mountains when you visit this unique area. The valley has been carved by glaciation, making it one-of-a kind for sure! Also, whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or are in search of adventure, this place has something that will suit your needs. In fact, you can even have your elopement session here! Say your vows and tie the knot with the mountains as your natural background during your special day.

The Area is a gateway as well, which remains one of Colorado’s most accessible wilderness areas. Additionally, Brainard Lake Recreation Area is the perfect place to start your adventure into Indian Peaks Wilderness. The trailheads for popular day hikes and dispersed recreation opportunities are all within reach, not only in this one location but also throughout its borders!

Moreover, this area has a timed ticket reservation system that protects it from excessive human impacts. It also helps meet local health department requirements in order to facilitate an enjoyable recreation experience all throughout and for more years to come.

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