Wedding Photographers with Clean or Modern Styles

Clean or modern wedding photography is a style that emphasizes simplicity, clarity, and minimalism to create a contemporary and timeless look. This style often involves using natural light and neutral color palettes to produce images that are clean, bright, and uncluttered. The goal is to capture the beauty of the moment without distracting elements, often using clean lines and simple compositions to highlight the subject’s emotions and interactions. This style is often associated with a more traditional or classic approach to wedding photography, and is popular among couples who prefer a clean and elegant look. Clean or modern wedding photography can be a great choice for couples who want their photos to have a timeless quality and who value simplicity and understated elegance. Disclaimer: Wedding photographers often creatively mix styles, techniques, and aesthetics to create a unique style of their own. Therefore, their inclusion in this list does not mean that they only excel in this style of wedding photography.

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Note: Wedding photographers frequently blend various styles, techniques, and aesthetics to craft a distinctive visual language of their own. As a result, their inclusion on this list should not be construed as a limitation to their proficiency solely in this particular style of wedding photography.

Photographers: If you would like to be removed from this list, moved to a different list, or considered for inclusion on this list, please contact us.

m and g wedding photography logo

M and G Wedding Photography

Hi, we’re Hollie and Patrick Mateer – the husband and wife team behind M and G Wedding Photography. We live in Cottingham, East Yorkshire with our young children. We may be based in Yorkshire, however we photograph weddings from Manchester to Montenegro, from The Lake District to Loch Lomond, from Derbyshire to Devon. We’ve worked together, photographing beautiful weddings,…


Sean Thurston Photography

Hi there, my name’s Sean Thurston. I\’m a husband, a father, veteran and photographer based in Waynesboro, Virginia. Photography is much more than a business to me – it’s my purpose, my passion, it’s what I love. After a debilitating fall while in the military, photography has helped me reshape my life and helps me focus on the positive…

Anji Martin Potoks World Photography Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Potok’s World Photography, LLC

I love bold colors and a fun reception! But I also love telling someone\’s unique story because no two weddings are the same! I am Anji and one half of a husband and wife team. We are wedding photographers based in Washington DC but love to travel the word for destination weddings as well. I am from northern Germany and my…

oliver ayesha elopement

Larsen Photo Co.

Larsen Photo Co. plans and photographs epic elopements across Colorado for couples who don\\\’t want a traditional wedding day. Whether you want to hike up a mountain at sunrise or take a sleigh ride through the snow-covered forest, the only limit to how you spend your day is your own imagination! Not sure how to make it all happen?…

wedding photographer in texas

Luis Cabello

I consider myself a creative photographer who is always trying to capture those magical and unique moments during your big day. I really and truly enjoy taking pictures of people. For some, it\’s a morning jog or a swim for me that is photographing those moments, and watching you smile while you see the final product is the best…


Natasha Lamalle

Storytelling has always been my first love. And with a bachelor\’s degree in history and a master\’s in journalism, I thrive in finding artistic ways to connect the stories of the past to our present. THE POWER OF PERSPECTIVE By seeking out little momentos and interactions that tie your personal history to the story of your wedding day, my photos…

meghan jason a

David Butler

Thanks for visiting my WeddingMaps profile my name is David Butler II and I work as a documentary style wedding photographer in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and throughout New England. I specialize in capturing special moments throughout the wedding day. Looking for great light, high emotion, fun action and details that often get overlooked. My wedding photography style has…

Andy Krieger

Andy Krieger

I am first, a husband and father. Creating beautiful images is my passion. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph over 200 weddings and many hundreds of seniors. Each client is unique and gets my full attention to their personality, style, preferences, and ideas. The images I capture represent them. I am on a consistent journey to learn and elevate my…

Santa Cruz Monterey wedding photographer

Picturist Photography

As a professional wedding photographer, I aim to ensure your special day is captured in the most beautiful and timeless way possible. My passion for photography and my background in Fine Arts allow me to blend traditional portraiture with a photojournalistic approach, creating a rich and meaningful tapestry of your wedding celebration. My attention to detail allows me to catch…



Hi!! You just got to the best place to know me!! After several years of working in a completely different industry, big changes came into my life in 2018. These changes made me go back to basics and start a soul search for what was it that I really loved doing. Found my answer in photography!! Up to 2018, I…

justin haugen profile

Justin Haugen

I’m a jet set military brat hailing from Germany by way of South Korean, proclaiming Tucson as my home after 18 years in the Old Pueblo. This city has become very dear to my heart as my formative adult years have been spent endearing myself to the sights, culture, and people of Tucson. There is more to the desert than…

Shane Trotter

I am so happy you made to my profile! My name is Shane Trotter, and I am a wedding Photographer in Lake Tahoe, Reno, Carson City and Surrounding areas. I have been capturing memories through my lens since 2009. I specialize in wedding and portrait photography. Not only will I capture single detail on your wedding day, but I…

piper brown photography

Morayo Sayles

When creating photographs, I go to that quiet place where uninhibited creation happens for me. Friends describe me as driven, generous, and talented. Clients describe working with me as an easy-going endeavor that’s filled with genuine laughter. But deep down, very few people know that I am an introvert who thrives on the company of others. Maybe that’s why…

IMG Final

Colling Photography

Photography is our passion. I know! That sounds incredibly hokey, but for us it couldn’t be more true. We have both been full-time professional photographers for over 20 years. This is all we do. Literally. When we go on vacation we take photos of wildlife, when we go on hikes we take photos of flowers and clouds, in our…

Emelia K Photography

My approach to photography is to capture your story as authentically as possible. That means I’ll rarely force you into those awkward poses, and my greatest desire is to work with you to capture your vision. If you’re wanting me to show up on your big day or your session, ask you to stand pretty and smile….ummmm…I might not…

Roddy Chung Photography

I believe every wedding has its striking moment. The moment when you walk down the isle seeing your husband-to-be on the other side gently waiting, and teardrops involuntarily slip from your eyes. The moment when you throw away your self-consciousness to dance with the love of your life no matter how funny you look. And of course, the moment…


Jessie and Dallin

We’re Jessie and Dallin, a husband and wife wedding photography team serving couples based near Salt Lake City, and throughout Utah and the Mountain West. We serve fun couples, while strengthening relationships and creating genuine, meaningful, and vibrant images. Our favorite things outside of photography revolve around our son, Disney Parks, and the Utah Jazz. When we meet with couples,…

sean leblanc profile

Sean LeBlanc

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to look through my work. My passion for storytelling through bold creative photography has taken me from my hometown of Calgary, Alberta, all over the world. I love meeting passionate people, uncovering their unique qualities and documenting their story. At my high school graduation, the Head Master described me as a…


Tracy Jenkins Photography

Your story deserves to be told. I help my clients tell that story. Every shoot is a personalized experience that caters to their needs and desires. From the moment you book with me, I’m there for you. I will help you plan your shoot, I will help guide you through the shoot, and then help you decide what products will help…


Rob Futrell

We are wedding photographers based in St. Augustine Florida. I left my job as a software engineer in 2012 to pursue my dream job. My wife Jilly left her job in health care a couple of years later. Our approach to photographing weddings is what we call cinematic journalism. We spend most of our time flying below the radar…

Laurentiu Nica

My journey to becoming a wedding photographer began as a photojournalist working for newspapers. While I enjoyed the fast-paced environment and the thrill of capturing breaking news and events, I always found myself drawn to the human-interest stories and the emotions that were captured in the photographs. It was during my time as a photojournalist that I first began…

nicole chan photography

Nicole Chan

I’ve always loved photographing moments I studied finance and computer science and started my career as a management consultant. I operate in spreadsheets, bullet points, and decks. My couples get the advantage of having a hyper organized photographer! Why weddings? I help people remember how much love is in their life. To me, there’s no greater privilege. I love what I do….

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Kristin Cheatwood

Kristin Cheatwood

I began my photographic career capturing professional motorcycle racers. After years of chasing motorcycle riders I photographed my first wedding in 2008. I felt all of the emotions of the day and had a very hard time culling down my images, as I had felt a personal attachment to each image. I knew from that moment that I would…

Mary Lila Photo

A little about me…  Alaska is home for me and probably always will be. I was born & raised in the rugged Alaska interior, and am currently based in Palmer! My partner of 13 years, Phillip, and I just recently made the transition from full time vanlife (after 7 years!) to full time cabin life! We completely designed and built…

Dreams of the Future copy

Stephen Sedman

We love weddings. From fun to formal, we capture all the moments of your wedding day. At Sedman Photography we capture the details, the emotion, and the beauty of your special day in an unobtrusive and professional manner. We use a mixture of traditional, contemporary and cinematic images to tell the unique story of your wedding. Let Stephen Sedman…

Jeroen Savelkouls Fotografie

Wedding photographer based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Jindrich Nejedly

I want you to have the best day of your life. Enjoy your wedding without stress and compromise. I will take care of the documenting it.

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography

We are Seth & Beth – married and madly in love and provide artistic and creative \”out of the box\” wedding photos in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. As always, we strive to put a fresh, new twist on every wedding photo we take, incorporating colorful surroundings, emotions, and moments. We live to meet strong, sexy brides who are crazy…

Stephen Walker

Hi there, I\’m Ste, a UK and destination wedding photographer who has been shooting weddings all over the world for years. My approach to every wedding is personal and I pride myself on being able to capture the true essence of the day by reading and seeing the stories unfold around me. Whether I\’m photographing a countryside wedding in…


Vows and Peaks

I\’m Sean, an elopement photographer in Colorado. I help couples plan, coordinate and guide their adventure elopements. This is a hands-on experience where each elopement is crafted and customized to YOU! I have helped over 180 couples with their elopements and I\’m stoked to help tell your story! Read more about my best places to elope in Colorado -…

Wedding Society by Olga Thomas

Olga Thomas is a luxury destination wedding photographer based in both San Juan, Puerto Rico and Milwaukee, WI. From France, England, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, India, Mexico, the Caribbean islands throughout the United States, Olga Thomas used her craft to capture stunning wedding imagery and breath-taking elopements around the world. Her photographs have a romantic, soft and timeless quality often…

Martin McLellan photography scotland uk

Martin McLellan

I am a wedding photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I genuinely believe I have the best job in the world; every day I get out of bed and get to do what I genuinely love. The freedom and self-expression wedding photography allows me is what I enjoy the most. I get to see some beautiful venues and places, meet…


York Place Studios

REAL MOMENTS, REAL STORIES, REAL MOMENTS THAT REALLY MATTER At York Place we believe in making memories, not just photographs. We believe in capturing atmosphere, humour, emotion, connection, relationships and personality – not just beauty. We believe that it’s not just the dress, the decor or the traditions that make your wedding the best day of your lives, it’s the…


Joanna and Brett Photography

He stands in front of his bride, facing away from her . His heart is trembling, he has been thinking about this day since he first saw her years ago. He slowly turns around, and there stands his bride, more beautiful than he has ever seen her. Tears just pour down his face and he embraces her, holding her…

Grace DanandMax

Dan Sauer Photography

Hi! My name is Dan Sauer. I am a destination wedding photographer originally from Los Angeles and now based in Italy, servicing amazing couples all over the world! My images have been described as authentic, emotional, romantic and cinematic. I love making real connections with my clients and guiding them to look their best. My goal is to capture…

Dino Jeram

Dino Photo & Video, Bold, Fearless and #creative, Wedding Photographers. Specialising in #asianweddings Hindu, Sikh and Sri Lankan weddings.

soven amatya surrey wedding photographer

Soven Amatya

Hi, I’m Soven, a Surrey Wedding Photographer, making beautiful and creative photographs. I’m drawn to crafting imagery that narrates those memorable and unscripted “blink-and-you’ll-miss-them” special moments of magic that happen at every wedding. These are the moments that will stick with you forever. Combine that with stunning and creative portraits and you’ll have a timeless collection of memories to look back…

Jason Kan Boston Wedding Photographer Kan Photography

Kan Photography

We are Jason + Emily Kan, photographers based around the Boston area shooting together as well as individually. We’ve been professionally photographing weddings since 2007 and have shot over 500 weddings. During that time we’ve been lucky enough to shoot in 40+ countries.

Magda Moiola Photography

I\’m Magda, I\’m an italian wedding photographer It will be because the wedding is the best day of my life. It will be because the stories fascinate me; I like to listen to them, read them and tell them. The fact is that I love wedding photography. I think it\’s a privilege to be able to tell, through images, an…

sacha miller profile

Sacha Miller

Hello, my name is Sacha Miller and I am a professional photographer based near Cardiff in South Wales. I am able to provide wedding photography, portraits and corporate photography. I live in a small village just north of Cardiff within the rolling landscape that depicts the principality of Wales. Since studying art and design, I have always earned my living as a professional photographer. My career of…

ricky baillie photography scotland

Ricky Baillie Photography

Hi, I’m Ricky. I’m a destination wedding Photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland I truly appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and my work. I’m glad you found me and so flattered that you are drawn to my style of wedding photography. I absolutely love shooting weddings and feel very fortunate that I have job that I’m…

Us NoLogo

Photos by Clay

I’m originally from Brazil and have been living in the USA for over 20 years now. In Brazil, I was a fitness guy who owned my own fitness center but was working way too many hours. One day I decided to change my life, sold everything I had, and moved to this country to pursue a degree in Computer…

NJ Photographer Michelle Arlotta Photography

Michelle Arlotta

I am a storyteller at heart and after nearly 20 years in the wedding photography industry I still love the challenge of capturing the raw emotion of a wedding day. I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry and mix it with gobs of humor and zest as I capture your day beautifully and comprehensively….

Ladman Studios

A tattooed coffee connoisseur and Wookiee linguist that has a set of chops that make Wolverine cry. What would you say…you do here? I help couples who want their wedding day to be on another level from a friend and familiar face who share a connection, giving them piece of mind knowing all their moments of kick ass humanity are taken…

Luzye Photography

TIMELESS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE KINDHEARTED ¡Hola! My name is Lucía (Lu-sea-ah), and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Orange County, California. WHY PHOTOGRAPHY I started my photography journey to document my backpacking days more than a decade ago, wanting to capture the flavorful food, the welcoming people, and the novel sights I was witnessing while traveling. …

Camille Fontanez Photo

I’m a professional wedding photographer born, raised, and based in Puerto Rico. In the constant pursuit of fun, authentic, and adventurous love stories for the last 15 years, my hobby-turned-passion-turned-full-time-business has taken me all over the United States and the Caribbean. I shoot everything related to love and relationships: weddings in Puerto Rico, proposal stories, engagement sessions, anniversary sessions, couple vacation…

Citylux Studios

We are CityLux Studios, a growing team of talented Boston Wedding Photographers Boston Wedding Photographers, Videographers, and Planners. We are inspired by infectious love, amazing people, and beautiful places. We thrive off of building genuine relationships with all of our clients. The CityLux name is a play between the word City, and the word Lux, which is Latin for light….

Jasmine Richard Engagement


Skratspaper is a wedding and portrait photography company operating out of The Colony, TX. Owner and lead photographer Juliun Starks is a talented storyteller that specializes in capturing authentic moments of laughter and love throughout his clients’ celebrations. Juliun preserves precious memories to craft captivating photographic keepsakes that couples can cherish for decades to come.

olguin photography profile

Olguin Photography

We are Alex and Cassie. 14 years married and madly-in-love! In that time we managed to start a business and start our own family, it’s been such an amazing experience. We now have three beautiful children, Grace, Isaac, and Judah. And our Groodle fur baby Archie. Life in our household is what we like to call “beautiful chaos”. We’re coffee…


Nicole Klym Photography

Nicole Hoffman is the lead photographer behind Nicole Klym Photography, a small photography business based along the shore in New Jersey. With her experienced team, Nicole shoots 20-30 weddings each year all over the New Jersey area. When not shooting weddings, Nicole takes on several portrait sessions and small events per month.


Raw Shoots Photography

We’re a full-time wedding and couples photographers currently based in Costa Rica. We’ve been documenting love and helping couples save their memories since 2016 and we’ve photographed more than 200 weddings since then. Our work has been featured and used in well known international blogs and social networks such as Junebug Weddings, Ruffled Blog, Festival Brides, Dance with…

Gaetan Dardenne

As a wedding photographer, I translate your day into images with an emphasis on the real moments. That tear and that smile will certainly not escape me, all moments I try to collect and summarize in a story with a journalistic touch.

andre brown profile

Andre Brown

I am an Atlanta-based photographer, speaker, educator. As the lead photographer of André Brown Photography, a boutique photography studio, I specialize in wedding and portrait photography and wedding videography. With the assistance of my highly-skilled team, our work has been featured in several notable publications and has won prestigious awards.

Yin & Yang Studios

Nice to meet you too! We are a San Francisco Bay Area based Wedding Photo and Video team with over 250 weddings under our belt in the last 5 years. We take pride in creative storytelling and flex big time on creating an experience for the people we work with rather than just photographing an event. Your special moments are…


Nix Weddings

I get to shoot for some amazing, fun-loving couples whose joy for life shines through in the photos we make together. My career as a photojournalist has provided countless opportunities to meet new and interesting people and I truly enjoy learning everyone’s story. That’s exactly what a wedding is for me: a chance to get to know incredible people,…

Tove Lundquist

Wedding photographer in the south of Sweden that focus on storytelling and wedding portraits based on genuine feelings. Natural images with colours true to life. I am the right wedding photographer for the couples who: ‣ like to hug, laugh and show emotions ‣ want a photographer that focuses on telling the story ‣ prefer non traditional images ‣ like communication and transparency. I always…

Kniley Photography Portfolio

Kniley Photography

Do you ever feel nervous about your wedding photos? Everyone does! We have *all* the questions: ❓ “Will I look good in my photographs?” ❓ “Will all the important moments get captured?” ❓ “Will I feel awkward?” I was right there with you ten years ago when I got married, which is why I chose the best photographer I knew – and I want…


BYC Photography

I am an International Multi-Award-Winning wedding photographer and was a Canon Live Learning instructor. I was always the guy who took pictures of everyone and everything. It’s no surprise that I pursued my dream of being a professional wedding photographer. I love people, I love to laugh and I love pictures that capture the moment. I live to document…

Moments by Frank

Frank has always had an eye for creativity. Throughout his life, he’s enjoyed art through drawing, painting, sculpting, and even leatherwork! His interest in photography began as a hobby that helped him capture special moments with friends and family. However, this hobby turned into a passion, and he decided to pursue photography as a career. Naturally, he expanded into…

Group MeredithTim MeredithTim images

Neil Holloman Photography

I am a Central Pennsylvania based Commercial Photographer skilled in natural and artificial lighting that specializes in Wedding and Event Photography, Family Photography, Headshot Photography, and Senior Photography. I have been shooting photographs since 2004. I play drums too. My musical upbringing taught me to appreciate art and anything surrounding it. Because of this, when I picked up…

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