Natasha Lamalle

Storytelling has always been my first love. And with a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s in journalism, I thrive in finding artistic ways to connect the stories of the past to our present.


By seeking out little momentos and interactions that tie your personal history to the story of your wedding day, my photos show more than someone fulfilling the role of bride or groom. Instead, I creatively and unobtrusively capture unscripted moments that highlight the story and connection you share.


Similar to the way words are more than a random assortment of letters, your wedding album should be filled with more than posed portraits. To document the full spectrum of your experience, you need a comprehensive collection of photos to convey the complete story of your special day. So if you’re after photos that really capture the essence of your relationship – the perfect moments, the perfect lighting, the perfect composition – then it’s going to be me you want behind the camera.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop

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