The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown

Nestled serenely along the tranquil embrace of South Street, where it meets the gentle flow of the Potomac River, lies the exquisite gem of The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown. This boutique haven is a living testament to historical allure and refined elegance, offering an enchanting canvas for the masterpiece that is your wedding day.

Behold the hotel’s architectural masterpiece, an embodiment of timeless grandeur that embraces the spirit of the past while weaving seamlessly into the present. A venue steeped in character, where every detail is a brushstroke of perfection, ready to paint the backdrop of your cherished moments.

Explore the exquisite contrasts of the Old and New World that define this refined sanctuary. The majestic brick smokestack, reaching towards the sky, stands as a sentinel of bygone eras, while the rich earth tones that envelop the surroundings invite you to embrace the embrace of modern luxury.

Step into the ethereal embrace of the urban garden, a haven where dreams come alive in the open air. Underneath a natural canopy of trees and a wooden arbor, exchange vows that echo through the ages, surrounded by the embrace of natural stone accents, meticulously manicured topiary, vibrant blossoms, and the lush green caress of grass beneath your feet. Here, your storybook ceremony is a symphony of nature’s finest, a timeless union of love and tranquility.

Enter the realm of the Fahrenheit room, a masterpiece of contemporary design that stands as a testament to the artistry of the present. Within these walls, towering loft ceilings reach towards infinity, exposed brick walls whisper stories of days gone by, and rich hardwood floors echo with the rhythm of your celebration. Designer pendant lighting casts an enchanting glow, while the expansive old pane windows frame breathtaking panoramas of the shimmering Potomac River and the bustling cityscape beyond. It is within this space that your union is elevated to new heights, a celebration that transcends time and space.

As the moonlight dances upon the river’s surface and the city lights twinkle in celebration, you and your guests will revel in the enchantment that is your big day, a symphony of love, joy, and memories waiting to be etched into the annals of history.

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