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At York Place we believe in making memories, not just photographs. We believe in capturing atmosphere, humour, emotion, connection, relationships and personality – not just beauty. We believe that it’s not just the dress, the decor or the traditions that make your wedding the best day of your lives, it’s the people. Your wedding is the only time in your life where everyone you know and love all come together in the same place at the same time to have fun, to witness something special and to celebrate together, and we believe that THAT is truly something worth photographing.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Our photographs and films don’t just focus on the big set pieces of a wedding day, they also celebrate the tiniest quirks of personality that we all recognise in our loved ones. We don’t ask anyone to stop or move for the camera, we capture the action as it unfolds, using our powers of timing, humour and creative composition to work moment to moment so you never have to be distracted from living and loving every second of your day. When you look back at your photographs and films we don’t want you to remember when you pretended to do something, we want to take you back not just to what happened in that moment, but how it felt to be there. We don’t want to recreate scenes from someone else’s wedding; we want to celebrate everything that’s so wonderfully unique about yours. We believe that great photography is never about recreating what’s gone before, it’s about finding something new and exciting in every frame we capture.

Nothing posed, nothing staged, Stay in the Moment.


Dom, Liam, Alex & Matt are the family team behind world-renowned London wedding photographers and videographers York Place Studios. Original creators of Street-documentary wedding photography, Dom & Liam are official Fujifilm X-Photographers and, when not shooting gorgeous weddings, events or family photography, they travel the world photographing and filming the streets of extraordinary cities around the world to hone their craft, as well as speaking at some of the world’s biggest photography and videography events.

London Wedding Photography & Videography


Natural Light / Photojournalism

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