Elgol is a great spot to take in the stunning views of Skye. It’s also not too far from Inverness, which makes it easy for day-trippers! This is also deemed as one of the most famous and photographed spots in all of Skye. As this tiny village has some incredible views. You’ll be able to see Cuillin Hills from your car as you drive along a single-track road for about 30 minutes!

The Outer Hebrides are just far too beautiful and picturesque for words! And if you’re lucky enough to have a clear day, then you can see it all the way out! Your view will be surely breathtaking. Moreover, Elgol is a small island with some very unique rocks. The texture of this particular type looks like a honeycomb, and it’s got tinted colors that make for an interesting scene against the blue waters surrounding them. This is great for providing some shelter from the elements.

This serene and picturesque location is only 150 meters from the car park! So if you are looking for an intimate elopement spot, look no further than Elgol.

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