The Curious Hearts

Hi, I’m Hannah – a non-traditional wedding photographer based in Dorset, but will travel all over the world for your wedding. I believe that weddings should be anything but ordinary. They should be wild, electrifying, and bursting with energy. It’s all about the extraordinary, the unconventional, and the unforgettable. Whether it’s capturing you and your lover jumping into a pool fully dressed or dancing under a shower of confetti, I’m here to create photos that will make your friends jealous and your future selves nostalgic.

​Are you madly in love and looking for goosebump-worthy wedding photos that radiate main character vibes? Do you fiercely believe that weddings should be so much more than stuffy traditions? And are you ready to rock out all night, embracing your inner rebels while belting out your favourite 00’s bangers from your elder emo playlist?

Well, if you answered all questions with a big HELL YES and are ready to break the rules and chase emotions, then you belong here.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Photojournalism

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