Moments by Frank

Frank has always had an eye for creativity. Throughout his life, he’s enjoyed art through drawing, painting, sculpting, and even leatherwork! His interest in photography began as a hobby that helped him capture special moments with friends and family. However, this hobby turned into a passion, and he decided to pursue photography as a career. Naturally, he expanded into video work, allowing him to provide a broader scope of services to his clients.

With Moments by Frank, he gorgeously captures heartfelt emotions to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Taking a mindful approach to his work, Frank puts each couple at ease, allowing them to feel comfortable in front of the camera resulting in stunning images and videos. Throughout the event, he reminds the couple to enjoy “mental moments,” he reminds them to simply enjoy each other’s presence on their special day. This attention to detail and consideration allows him to create gorgeous and romantic imagery.

With a professional yet welcoming demeanor, he ensures the joy and love of the couple shine through each photograph and video. From breathtaking scenes to intimate portraits, Frank’s timeless and intuitive style creates precious mementos to be enjoyed for years to come.

Located in Chicago, IL & Santa Barbara, CA, and working everywhere.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop

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