John Foley Photography

Hi! I’m John, a wedding photographer based in Chicago, IL.

I believe deeply that great wedding photography is about creating imagery that is as visually compelling, as it is emotionally significant. Weaving the images together to tell unforgettable stories. My distinct ‘documentary meets fine-art’ style is a product of my unrelenting commitment to my craft and the complete trust that my couples place in me.

I primarily cover weddings in the Chicagoland area, but I also love to travel and will go to any destination in the world, in search for those unique and adventure filled weddings.

I’ve been told that I am the calm amidst the chaos. It’s not uncommon for my couples to not only boast about their wedding images, but about how I calmed their nerves when things got tough.

My approach isn’t for everybody, but for those that feel it is, I hope to talk to you soon.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop


What inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

It’s embarrassing to say, but my wedding photos are awful. We were on a very tight budget and in the middle of moving into our first home, so photography was not a priority at the time. We hired a friend of a friend’s daughter to photograph our wedding for very cheap. Long story short, our images are not so great (to put it lightly). Experiencing bad wedding pictures first hand and seeing the grief it gave (and continues to give) my wife, is heartbreaking. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I was doing family portraits on the side. After our wedding, I was inspired to start photographing weddings myself to provide a service that I personally know will become priceless. I know work incredibly hard to ensure my couples not only love their wedding pictures, but are proud of them.

How would you describe your photography style?

Creative photojournalism with a touch of fine art.

How do you ensure that your clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot?

There’s not a ‘one size fits all’… I tailor the session experience to the client. I get a feel of what makes them tick and run with it. I always make sure they are comfortable and keep things light and try to make them laugh. As long as they are having a good time, I’m able to create what I need.

How do you ensure that you capture all of the important moments on the wedding day?

Anticipating moments is extremely important for wedding photography. After capturing so many weddings, it’s easier to do this, but I’m still vigilant about always being aware and ready for anything to happen. Being able to read the room and people is also a big part of being able to document important moments.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

I can’t just pick one, but one that is extra special for me is the Father/Daughter dance. I have two daughters (still very young and a LONG way off from getting married!) so I can’t help but put myself in the dad’s shoes and imagine what he must be feeling. I always work extra hard to create something that’s special for him and for her.

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