Bishop Castle

If you believe in yourself and strive to maintain that belief, anything can happen! The Bishop Castle is home to an impressively monumental statue that testifies the beauty of one’s dream. On one hand, the iron-clad figure holds on tightly as if its dreaming aloud about all possibilities outside its grasp!

The Bishop Castle is a spectacular venue with three full stories of interior rooms, including the Grand Ballroom. There are also soaring towers and bridges that offer stunning views for miles around! Plus, there’s a fire-breathing dragon waiting to make your story unforgettable too. You can choose this majestic property as the venue of your much anticipated wedding day as well. Not only that it offers an experience of the lifetime, but it will make you remember how majestic everything was on the most special day of your life!

Notably, visitors are always welcome to visit the castle for free! The doors of this magical place will be open and you can enjoy it without any restrictions. But keep in mind to always respect this trust while visiting the location.

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