Beaver Creek Lodge

From the moment you arrive here, it’s clear that your wedding will be anything but typical. The Beaver Creek Lodge is a boutique hotel with an ideal location. In fact, it’s right next door to some of America’s most beautiful scenery and activities. The perfect getaway for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustles of city life, this boutique hotel offers guests a variety of things. It ranges from five star restaurants, galleries with world-class art on display, as well as music performances.

Stroll down the mountain, where you can enjoy a view of all that nestles within. The surrounding area has everything that any visitor needs for an unforgettable staycation! This resort features a shuttle service that will take you anywhere in the area. As it provides quick access to all of your transportation needs. With this, couples can easily plan their engagement parties or even get married at one venue then celebrate with friends nearby!

Transform your story into a beautiful moment in time at the best wedding venue for you and your guests. The vistas are set by an incredible backdrop that will provide just what everyone needs to make this day special! Take off on a journey to the ends of your imagination and explore what is possible here!

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