8 Wedding By Candlelight Ideas To Add Magic and Romance

Whether held in a historic chapel, a lush garden, a backyard, or a rustic barn, a wedding by candlelight brings a touch of romance and elegance to your special day. It can transform your venue into a magical haven by casting a soft light that dances on the faces of your loved ones attending the ceremony. As the candles burn softly throughout the evening, they not only light the way but also depict the love shared between you and your partner. 

This guide will inspire you with ideas for crafting the perfect candlelit wedding and ensuring that every moment glows with unforgettable beauty.

Wedding by Candlelight – Creative Ideas

Candlelit Aisle

Line the aisle with lanterns or tall pillar candles in hurricane vases for a romantic entrance. Scatter rose petals along the candlelit path and decorate the candle holder for added glamour. Use mirrors to reflect the light and create a magical atmosphere straight out of a fairytale. 

candlelit aisle

You can also Illuminate outdoor pathways with rows of candles or lanterns to help guide guests and enhance the wedding tone.

Unity Candle Ceremony

A unity candle ceremony where the couple lights a single candle together represents their joining lives. It can be a meaningful summation of your wedding for a personal and intimate touch.

unity candle ceremony

Candle Arches

Candle arches add a stunning, romantic focal point to the wedding. Create an archway adorned with candles in glass holders, complemented by flowers and greenery. Place them at the ceremony entrance or altar for an enchanting backdrop for photos. 

Candle Wall

Creating a candle wall for a wedding can add a stunning visual to your event. Select a structure or make a custom one out of wooden pallets or metal shelvings that is not only lightweight but also supports the weight of multiple candles.  

Then, for artistry, put candles of different sizes and shapes, such as tall pillars, votives, and tea lights, in hurricane vases, glass jars, or lanterns and arrange them in a unique arrangement on the structure. You can also pair the structure with floral panels for a refreshing feel. 

wedding candle wall decor

To be more creative, hang candlelit lanterns from ceiling beams. If the wedding is outdoors, hang them from trees near the candle wall to welcome your guests with your ingenuity.

Reception Ideas

There’s nothing more remarkable than dimming the lights and dining by candlelight for an intimate setting.

Candlelit Centerpieces: Use a mix of tall and short candles to create lively centerpieces.

candlelights at wedding dinner tables

Cover the holders with rose petals to turn them into beautiful flowers that are sure to awe the guests. Place small mirrors under them for an enchanting glow. 

Hanging Candle Chandeliers: Hang chandeliers with candles above the dining area for a dramatic effect.

Candle Chandeliers wedding decoration

Floating Candles: Place floating candles in bowls of water on each table. Add flower petals or small floating blooms for an elegant touch.

Candlelit Dance Floor: Surround the dance floor with candles for a dazzling first dance.

There is another thing you can try. Place larger candles outside the reception area in a heart or any other shape you love to add a bit of charm to your event. 

Decorating Pool with Candlelights

If the wedding venue happens to have a pool, place pillar candles in glass vases around the edges. This will bind the pool to the other decor elements like a candle wall or candlelit reception. 

Wedding Cake

Encircle your wedding cake with candles in glass jars to highlight it. This decor also serves as a barrier to keep sneaky hands away from a quick taste. 

wedding cake with candles

Lighting and Ambiance

While decorating your aisle, alter, outdoor area, wall, reception, or unity candle ceremony table with candles, fusing them with decorative lights creates a gleaming effect. A few ideas can be:

  • Draping string lights across the ceiling.
  • Wrapping string lights around trees.
  • Adding fairy lights in centerpieces or along table edges.

Unique Touches to Your Candlelit Wedding Event

  • Choose scented candles that match the season or theme of your wedding to add an aromatic element.
  • Give guests personalized candles as wedding favors to remember the occasion.
  • Hire a photographer experienced in using long exposure shots to capture photos of the warm glow of candles in low light. A cell phone or usual cameras found in homes won’t do justice and may ruin the moments.
  • Use mirrors or shiny metallic elements beneath the candle holders or at the sides to reflect and intensify the candlelight.

Safety Tips for Wedding by Candlelight

  • Ensure all candles are placed in durable and fire-resistant holders.
  • Use hurricane vases or glass covers to protect the flame from wind.
  • Have fire extinguishers and sand buckets readily available.
  • Ask someone to monitor the candles throughout the event.
  • Use flameless LED candles in venues where fire safety is a concern.

Are candles cheaper than flowers for a wedding?

Candles can be a more budget-friendly option than fresh flowers. A single candle can last throughout the wedding event and provide enough ambient light with more aesthetic appeal. In contrast, flowers, especially fresh and exotic varieties, can be pricy and may need frequent replacement to maintain their freshness and vibrancy.

Additionally, candles can be reused for multiple events; that’s true for LED ones. Although LED candles are more expensive, they can also be a one-time purchase. You can resume them in wedding anniversaries or those special dinners where you and your partner want privacy with elegance.  

If your budget allows it, combining candlelights and flowers can be the secret sauce to add extravagance to your wedding day.


A wedding by candlelight is an extraordinary experience. The whole theme of it can engluf you and your guests in your special moments of warmth and romance. As the evening unfolds under the gentle glow of countless candles, every moment is imbued with magic that is simply unparalleled. By thoughtfully including candles in your wedding decor, you are in for a deeply memorable celebration. As you and your partner take your vows surrounded by the tranquil glow, you’ll create memories that will shine brightly in your hearts forever.

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