Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas To Share Happy News With Everyone

After your proposal, announcing an engagement to share your happiness with friends and family is a moment filled with happiness. To make it special and memorable, the only thing that matters the most is what will work for you and how much you want everybody around you to know about the upcoming event.  

Who should you tell first when you get engaged?

When you are engaged, it’s really important to break this news to the people in a considerate and meaningful order.

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Here’s a suggested sequence for telling people about your engagement:

Immediate Family

  • Parents: They should be the first to know, given their close relationship and support. Tell them in person or through a video call if they are not nearby so that you can see each other’s reactions of joy.
  • Brothers & Sisters: The next in line to tell is your siblings because they will be thrilled to hear about the engagement. Like parents, it’s best to inform them directly, either in person or via a call.
  • Extended Family: Grandparents have a special place in the family, and revealing your news with them shows respect and love. A quick visit is a good idea in this case. The same goes for uncles, aunts, and cousins to whom you are particularly close. But, if you can’t travel to their location, a phone call would suffice to make sure they hear it from you and not through the grapevine.

Close Friends & Colleagues

Best friends you regularly spend time with will be excited and want to celebrate. Consider a small get-together to share the engagement news. 

If you have close colleagues, consider the timing and setting when sharing at work.

Special Mentors or Advisors

People who have guided you through your life, may that be a mentor or a religious advisor, may appreciate hearing the engagement news directly from you. Again, a call, a heartfelt personal message, or a private visit is the best approach here to show your respect and consideration.

Sharing your engagement news in this order ensures that those closest to you feel valued and included in your special moment.

How to share news of engagement? (Creative Ideas)

Once all close family and friends have been informed, it’s time to announce your engagement publically.

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What is the tradition of engagement announcement?

The traditional way of announcing the engagement is by putting a notice in the local newspaper. If you go this route, you need to decide when you want to share the news and which day is the better option to advertise for everyone to see. 

It’s a good practice to include your and the partner’s name, date of engagement, and a wholehearted message in the notice for a joyful feel. 

Another way is to host an engagement party in the outdoors and make public the news in person. This way, you not only invite the ones you have already told to create a festive atmosphere but also share it with other people with whom you are not close. Even better, surprise the new guests with this turn of events and make this ordinary gathering into a memorable brunch or dinner.  

How do you announce an engagement online?

  • Social Media: Do a photoshoot with your loved one, choose a theme that reflects your relationship (e.g., favorite places, hobbies), and then share it on different social media platforms, along with the announcement. You can opt to record a video that tells your love story and share it live or upload a pre-recorded video as well. Then, find unique hashtags for your engagement and combine them with trending ones for the whole world to know. Alternatively, you can build anticipation by using a countdown on social media leading up to the big reveal and then sharing snippets of your story each passing day.
  • Personalized Space: These days, creating a website is super simple and cheap with modern tools. A website dedicated to your engagement will make your loved one feel special and shout out to the world about the upcoming marriage ceremony. Commission an artist to craft a collage of photos from your relationship leading up to the engagement to share the journey in a visual format. 
  • Email: Today, email is the fastest way of communication around the world, and you can connect with people whom you missed to tell about the engagement. Send them a creative and heartfelt email and include photos, videos, and the link to your engagement website.

Unique and Fun Engagement Announcements

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  • Puzzle Announcement: Send friends and family a custom puzzle that reveals your engagement. You can make it a game for them to solve.
  • Pet Involvement: At a gathering, you can use your pet to help announce the engagement. Have them wear a sign or hold a prop that shares the news.
  • Travel Surprise: Announce your engagement during a special trip. For example, you can send postcards from your engagement destination with the news.
  • Announcement Cards: Mail personalized engagement announcement cards to the people, which they can keep as mementos.
  • Family Involvement: Involve family members in the announcement to make it a shared event.


By choosing a method that reflects your personality and relationship, you can make your engagement announcement special and memorable. Whether you opt for a traditional approach, a digital innovation, or a unique personal touch, the most important thing is to share your joy with those you love.

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