Moraine Lake

The turquoise waters of the oceans are so beautiful and delicate, like a work of art. They change in color throughout each year as ice melts or new icebergs break off from glaciers to create more vivid hues to enjoy! You can feel the mountains looming as you explore Moraine Lake. In fact, it’s barely visible in all its glory. The valley floor and water are surrounded by jagged peaks that seem like they’re straight out of a children’s book. Perhaps it really is too picturesque for words!

Now, if you want to be a part of such majestic moment, you can have your engagement photo shoot at the lake. Explore and cherish the wondrous time with your partner while you’re here! Imagine sitting lakeside and absorbing the sights, or exploring further by canoeing. This iconic place is sure to leave a lasting impression with you – imagine what it looks like on your vacation too.

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