Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon

Horseshoe Bend is one of Arizona’s most iconic landmarks. From its natural horseshoe shape that the Colorado River creates through canyons, to a 1000 ft. drop at the bottom. Truly, it is not for those who are easily scared or faint hearted! But no matter how you get there, this place has views like few others in America. If you’ll even think about it, this makes an excellent spot for newlyweds looking to elope in Arizona. Now, talk about having an extremely “high-end” wedding in literal terms!

Further, the Horseshoe Bend Tours have an exquisite exclusive access to the Secret Canyon (also known as the Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon) and a private Navajo viewpoint. In fact, the lesser known Secret Canyon is a hidden gem in Arizona. It may not be as famous as the Antelope Canyon, but it is equally beautiful in its own form. You see, the canyon splits into several tributaries, which enables the deep narrow sections known as slot canyons. As it is a short slot in the middle fork of upper water Holes Canyon, its well-defined smooth curves and slim passageways make it an eye candy. Along with its orange and sometimes purple (due to its dark angles) hues that differs it from the others.

On one hand, Horseshoe Bend is a great place to go if you’re looking for an epic adventure but don’t want to hike too far. It’s only 1 mile, has unbeatable views, and is one of the most popular places in Arizona. Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss that once in a lifetime experience!

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