Glen Island Park

Glen Island Park is a beautiful, 105-acre park on the Long Island Sound located in New York. The park features an active marina and plenty of wildlife to see from the comfort of your boat or kayak. It is a unique place to spend your days enjoying nature while playing at their amusement centers or eating some of the best food you’ll find near this side of Manhattan – plus there’s so much more!

There are two parts to this property: public and private areas. The publicly owned portion of Glen Island includes hiking trails, as well as picnic facilities for families looking to spend time outdoors  on the beautiful grounds that overlooks the oceanfront. Meanwhile, if you want an exquisite setting on your special day, they have the renowned Glen Island Harbour Club. This waterfront location provides service for couples in search of a beautiful backdrop to their big day. On arrival, guests will be welcomed by uniformed valet and doormen who are sure to make you feel at home with beauty and elegance from start to finish! While still located near the park and within Glen Island itself.

In addition, with views for days and a ballroom to provide the perfect atmosphere, Glen Island Harbour Club is classy enough for any type of event. They accept large capacity of guests, which means that you can have your wedding reception with ease or host an elegant holiday party here – without a doubt!

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