Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is historically rich! The park was once inhabited by Native Americans for centuries, before it was colonized by white Europeans. During the Revolutionary War, the area was known as Mount Washington and was one of the battle sites along the Hudson River. It was also part of the Battle of Fort Washington. Fast forward to 1983, the park was designated as an official New York City landmark. Since then, it has been one of the most beautiful parks in America.

Moreover, with its abundant floras and scenic views, it has now become a sought after destination for special occasions. Fort Tryon Park is a unique venue for your next event. Whether it’s an intimate birthday party, wedding ceremony or family gathering – they have the perfect spot. Keep in mind that some restrictions apply. So, be sure to read over them before planning out your special day here. For example, you may not hold receptions at certain locations. Also, permits must also be applied for 30 days prior to arriving on site. You should also complete a liability waiver (which can both be found online).

Ceremonies are generally held on the Linden Terrace, Billings Lawn, or Abby’s lawn. No tents are permitted for wedding ceremonies, but chairs and hand-carried equipment is allowed. Meanwhile, guests at the Heather Garden must stay on pedestrian paths at all times. This is strictly imposed in order to avoid stepping on the manicured lawn. Thus, you need to make sure that the plants are left untouched. Notably, take note that this is still a public park and public access is inevitable even with a special event permit. However, that’s kind of the whole point right? Celebrating your wedding day openly and freely with nature.

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