Harbor Club at Prime

The Harbor Club is a modern waterfront property located in Huntington that proudly boasts the Bohlsen Group’s 20 years of luxury hospitality expertise. With its water view and proximity to all things Long Island has to offer, as well as major transportation hubs such as JFK Airport and Belmont Racetrack, this location will be perfect for anyone looking for an exclusive place to celebrate their big day!

Also, it features the renowned cuisine of Prime, this premiere restaurant has been acclaimed for its innovative and ever-changing menu which is presented in individual servings. The Harbor Club also offers top shelf beverages! In order to provide an exceptional experience with every bite or sip your guests could enjoy. With a single wedding property available on site, you and your friends can truly celebrate at this beautiful location. You can also take advantage of not only of the indoor seating, but the outdoor deck space as well!

Moreover, the Harbor Club is a one-stop destination for all your wedding needs! With floor to ceiling glass windows and chic accents, it’s the ideal place to celebrate with friends and family. Revel in the beauty of your surroundings as you express yourself through photos and selfies. They also have an illuminated LOVE sign which will make your Instagram posts look perfect!

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