Oakes Quarry Park

Oakes Quarry Park is a hidden gem in the heart of Fairborn. You’ll find two types of trails here: footpaths and horseback riding routes that crisscross over ancient limestone fossils left behind by mining activity from long ago. Which form what truly makes this park so special! The restoration of this land is a great reminder that once, there was much more to see and do in these parts. As the wildlife here has been able to come back from the brink. Thanks largely due to its natural habitats being gradually improved over time. Especially through conservation work by various organizations.

Further, the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund helped develop this park by planting 8,000 trees and removing invasive species. On one hand, the northern edge of this park has been turned into a nice little forest preserve. Made for locals and tourists alike to visit. Also, the 2 mile long stretch of forest is great for a walk with your significant other. While the 1 mile horse trail provides a much more serene scenery.

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