Krohn Conservatory

Though it’s known for its façade, the real showstopper of Krohn Conservatory is found inside. At the height of art deco, this venue is intricately significant and visually stunning. It is also known for the annual International Butterfly Show and Holiday Floral Show. Which never fails to dazzle visitors yearly from all around the world.

If you’ll think about it, there is nothing quite like a wedding at Krohn. Initially, you will be in excitement the moment you drive up to this enchanting venue. You may even have the idea that such perfection has been brought to life for your special day. Not exaggerating in any ways, you will really be in a mystical forest when you enter the venue. Accompanied with its unique atmosphere, you will surely be inspired with ideas that are out-of-the box. Also, they offer convenience at its finest! They have both outdoor and indoor spaces that you could freely choose from. At your wedding, guests will be surrounded by the beautiful greens of lush greenery as they admire this magnificent structure. With a glass ceiling and such heightened surroundings, light is sure to create an unforgettable reception for you both, without a doubt.

With its enchanting architecture, this is the perfect destination for you! Whether you choose a grand or intimate wedding celebration. They have spaces fit for it all. Get ready to celebrate love, romance and your new beginning at Krohn Conservatory!

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