Something Old Dayton

There are so many ways to tie the knot nowadays – Gem City Popup Co. and Something Old Dayton is leading it! The new trend is now called, pop-up weddings! This venue offers an intimate 90-minute wedding for 1 to 3 couples that’s planned from start to finish. All sorted out by professional planners who work out of their studios in Dayton, Ohio. Also, you won’t even have any issues getting those perfect photos. Because it takes place inside their studio space. Another awesome thing about this place are the custom lights, vintage furniture and décor set up. They’ll craft your dream venue just right before you arrive on site – without any hassle!

Moreover, their studio rentals are perfect for any type of photography or video project. Each space offers a distinct look and industrial feel, ranging from bright natural light to more moody spaces with an edge. On the contrary, they also offer online booking. So you can make your reservation without leaving the comfort of home.

Perhaps modern couples are now looking for new and creative ways to celebrate their love. All the while, still wanting a magical experience that evokes emotions of tenderness, nostalgia, romance and joy with all the fixings! Lucky you – they’ve got just what your heart desires at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality. Something Old takes care of everything from start to finish, so you can enjoy every moment knowing it’s in good hands.

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