Carriage Hill MetroPark

The Carriage Hill MetroPark is a must-see for any nature lover! With scenic woodlands, prairies, and lake ponds to explore. It’s easy to see why this area has been so well preserved. The facilities at Carriage Hill offers interpretive programs that give visitors insight into both natural history, as well as cultural heritage from the past. The Carriage Hill Visitor’s Center provides a wealth of information about the historical site through exhibits, and a 7-minute video featuring its fascinating history!

Also, the park is the perfect spot for horseback riding enthusiasts. The range of activities include weekend trail rides, pony ride options for younger riders, and summer camps. All of which caters to all skill levels, from beginner up through advanced courses led by skilled instructors. On the contrary, Carriage Hill’s ADA-accessible boardwalk and fishing pier at Cedar Lake is located along a picturesque stretch of water. Plush green grasses flourish alongside an ample number of trees too. Providing shade from the sun for those who want it as they fish or simply take a stroll.

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