Sugarcreek MetroPark

The Sugarcreek MetroPark is a treasure trove of natural beauty just waiting to be explored! It has scenic creeks, rolling hills, and dense woods. Which are all perfect for hiking or biking on your own leisurely pace. Also, with no groomed trails in sight! You’ll also find lots flowers, as well as fields where you can take photos from any angle desired. It really does seem like this place was made especially for photographers looking to record memories!

Moreover, the Osage orange tunnel at Sugarcreek MetroPark is a living legend. The large arching branches of old trees were originally planted in rows to serve as farm fence before barbed wire became available. But these days, you can see this majestic structure for yourself! You probably have not seen anything as old and majestic as trees from here. The Three Sisters, which are over 550 years old can be found on the Orange Trail just 0.7 miles away from the site.

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