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Why is Mexico perfect for my wedding?

Mexico is a lush and vibrant country with beautiful beaches, ruins of ancient civilizations, elegant architecture from the colonial era in cities like Mexico City and Cancun. Along with alluring culture with unique traditions and customs. The food is also hands down mouthwatering, which makes it a must visit place for everyone.

A traveler’s dream? Mexico beaches are top notch! The most idyllic is Tulum, with up to 450 pristine stretches of paradise. Sabancuy offers a charming colonial town and untouched Campeche region while Zipolite in Oaxaca has rolling waves that invokes bohemian. For a more developed beach destination with volleyball on white sands and swimming in turquoise Caribbean waters, Playa del Carmen is the go-to place. In addition to this, it offers evenings filled with drinks at cocktail bars and dining at top notch restaurants. Also, it provides a sought after wedding destination!

Further, the world-famous Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichén Itzá reflects the Mayan civilization when it was at its peak. The once great civilization built majestic temples and also had advanced agricultural systems and infrastructures, which are all still visible today in Mexico.

Candidly, Mexican food is tasty. If you don’t think that it is delicious, a trip to Mexico City will definitely change your mind. In fact, you’ll find spicy street foods like tacos and tamales available at many taquerías in the city’s neighborhoods for those wanting them on-the-go.

Also, when it comes to places that provide a unique wedding venue, Mexico reigns! You’ll have the Boutique hotels that offer an experience like no other. These hotels are charming and reflect the local culture which makes for an overall enjoyable experience rather than large resorts or international chain hotels.

In addition, set along Mexico’s turquoise Caribbean coast, Xcaret Park invites guests to explore the natural and cultural heritage of Yucatán. One can enjoy archaeological sites, snorkeling in a lagoon with tropical fish or simply watch traditional Mexican dance shows. Guests get four options for dining while spending an entire day here enjoying activities like zip-lining through mangroves and exploring underground caves! Not to mention the stunningly out of this world wedding venues that they offer. It will truly leave you breathless!

Getting married in Mexico is a more affordable option than having the wedding back home. With the savings you’ll get, say good-bye to your wedding budget and hello to spending more money on things that really matter! You won’t have any need for decorations because the beautiful Mexican beach provides gorgeous backdrops. With this tempting package provided by some of Mexico’s best resorts, all you can think about is getting married in paradise without breaking the bank. Luckily, most wedding packages at Mexican resorts already include the services of an expert wedding planner at no additional charge!

On the other hand, Mexico is known for its warm weather and sunny days, which make it a perfect location to get married. The ocean breeze keeps you cool in the heat of summer while clear skies ensure your wedding day will be picture-perfect.

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