Hacienda Tres Rios Resort Spa and Nature Park

Hacienda Tres Ríos Resort Spa and Nature Park is an unbeatable luxurious property. This place gives you exclusive access to the nearby Tres Rios Nature Park in Riviera Maya. You’ll have all-inclusive benefits, along with plenty of activities and amenities like yoga classes and infinity pool views. They promise luxury, fine dining and access to butler service. Visitors also have the option of a private roof garden on La Herencia Suites’ top floor. In addition, members and guests can tour the mangrove forests freely. They can also swim or kayak along winding rivers. Or if you want something sandy, unwind on the resort’s crystalline beach.

The resort is designed to look like a Mexican hacienda. It includes an enormous lobby with dark mahogany ceilings and wicker furniture that give the feeling of being in a village square or courtyard. Stained-glass skylights provide natural light, while nutty sofas add warmth to this contemporary space. Also, there are world-class spa treatments available. If that’s not your vibe, there are tequila tastings, martini bars, and lively casino nights too.

At the same time, why not host your dream wedding here? They offer nothing else but natural beauty and pure romance. Well, with a top of the line luxurious amenities too of course. They have all of the ingredients for an amazing couples’ matrimonial celebration. The magical setting offers activities like sunset walks, massages under the moonlight, cocktails at happy hour, romantic dinners for two, and dancing into the night. All within here. Maybe you might like the reception outside or maybe you just want to keep it intimate within closed doors. Either way, their wedding packages can sort it out for you. Along with the exceptional help of their personal wedding coordinator.

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