Citlalli Rico

You might already know that we are photographers. But these are cool facts you probably don’t know:

– We, Citlalli and Tamara, are sisters
– We have been doing this for over 12 years
– We were born in Mexico City and have been living in Cancun for over 26 years
– We’re kind of vegans, but not really. If we are hungry and run out of vegan options, will eat anything available. Specially after shooting nonstop for 8 hours.
– Citlalli can sleep without moving an inch for the entire night. Weirdo.
– Tamara has a son, he is 11. He loves to share his food and wants to be a gamer or a YouTuber. Shocking, we know.
– Citlalli plays field hockey and loves salsa dancing.
– Tamara knows everything about animals. EVERYTHING.
– We have shot over 600 weddings together.
– Big Harry Potter fans. And our hard drives are named after GOT and TWD characters.
– We may, or may not, make up songs’ lyrics about every single thing that happens to us
– We have collected almost 100 awarded images in different international contests.
– In the wedding photography industry, Citlalli has been invited as speaker and teacher in Mexico, USA, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Neatherlands, Italy, France and soon India!
– Our favorite events are destination weddings with people that care about real moments, emotions and their loved ones. Family comes first for both of us.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop

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