Cabañas La Luna

Explore the beauty of the Cabañas La Luna! Just imagine, what if you could spend your whole day, barefoot and walking only through sand?  You wake up every morning to enjoy the sunrise with fresh coffee on the beach. And have fun late night drinks with your family and friends. It’s like living in your own fairytale. Such a dream come true!

Cabañas La Luna is a little island of authenticity. Its warm and inviting atmosphere makes it feel like you’re in another world, with an ocean view restaurant to enjoy fresh Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine made from local ingredients. Escape to a tropical island and feel the magic of life in all its glory. You’ll see fresh air, blue skies, turquoise water, friendly people, and delicious food everywhere you go! This homey resort is located on an expansive acre of land over 50 meters (165 feet) long. Accommodation consists of 10 individual cabins, each with their own unique layout and design.

At Cabañas La Luna, you can experience the perfect day for your wedding. Picture marrying on a beautiful day where the sun shines brightly, and the the crystal blue waves crash against the shoreline. That’s exactly the example of what La Luna offers. So, if you’re looking for a medium-sized, intimate and very romantic wedding but don’t want to deal with all the hassle of planning, then La Luna is perfect for you. They have an amazing spot on their dune where you can perform your ceremony. Either officiated by local judge or traditional Mayan customs. Also, the dance after dinner is done in the Villa Zanzibar. Which creates a familiar and cozy atmosphere for your guests to enjoy at the end of an important day.

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