Arkansas is a beautiful state, and with the right event planner you’ll have no problem finding an amazing wedding venue. Whether it’s outdoors or in a building of your choice, Arkansas has something for everyone.  See our best wedding venues in Arkansas.

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About Arkansas:

Arkansas is a state in the South Central region of the United States, home to more than three million people as of 2018. The name Arkansas comes from Osage and means “land where Quapaw live.” It was once an Indian territory for many tribes that still inhabit this land today. Its diverse geography ranges from mountainous regions like Ozark with Ouachita Mountains which make up U.S.’s Interior Highlands, forested lands known as Arkansas Timberlands in south eastern lowlands along Mississippi River and all across its Delta area-the most fertile farmland on earth!

Arkansas is one of 50 states located within America’s Midwest Region comprising over 600 thousand square miles and is home to over 3 million residents.