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Why is Hawaii perfect for my wedding?

Hawaii is the perfect destination for someone planning their much anticipated wedding. With beautiful beaches, a laid-back vibe and true spirit of aloha, Hawaii will make your dreams come true. Adding to the convenience of having your wedding, reception, and honeymoon all in one location is that you’re already doing it on paradise!

The Aloha spirit is more than just “hello” in Hawaii. This idea encompasses a friendly, welcoming attitude that makes the islands of Hawaii irresistible to visit for any wedding event. The natural beauty showcases crystal-clear blue ocean waters into fiery red lava flows and tall mountain peaks crashing along with waterfalls all within one setting on this island.

A tropical state, Hawaii offers many different wedding venues so you can tailor your day to what you love most. You can transform Hawaii into your dream wedding location for the ceremony you want, whether it’s a party atmosphere on Waikiki or tranquil ambience in Kauai. Every island in the state will make your wedding feel like an oasis, however most couples choose Oahu, Maui or Kauai for their nuptials.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Oahu is the perfect place for an island wedding. With its major highway system and international airport, it’s easier to get around than any other Hawaii Island. Not to mention there are still plenty of beautiful locations on this urbanized island for your beach wedding. In addition, Oahu has many iconic locations and affordable lodging options. Being known as The Gathering Place, it seems like the perfect location to host your big day!

Maui is a vibrant island in Hawaii with plenty of appealing features for those looking to get married. It’s located close to three small adjacent islands including Lanai and Molokai. There are great restaurants, beaches and outdoor activities, as well as hotels available on this popular Hawaiian destination. Likewise, a Maui wedding is the perfect way to enjoy Hawaii with your partner. You’ll get beautiful pictures on a beach or at Haleakala, savor delicious food, and then retire in one of their enchanting hotels.

Also, if you are looking for a unique Hawaii wedding that is not flooded with tourists, Kauai might be the perfect fit. With its off-the-beaten path feel and intimacy, your experience will seem more like an adventure than just another event in paradise! The Island of Discovery (Kauai’s well-known nickname) is home to many beautiful and exciting attractions. Whether you’re kayaking on the Wailua River or exploring Makauwahi Cave, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure here. Thus, you’ll have miles of unspoiled coastline for you to use for your Hawaii beach wedding as well.

You can choose from a variety of venues in Hawaii to host your wedding, including different options for catering and decorations. The cost ranges between $58 to $393 per person depending on what you are looking for. You also have the option to hire vendors or have them included with packages – so remember that when making choices!

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