Kukahiko Estate

The Hawaiian translation for Kukahiko is “gathering of the clan” and this exquisite property in Makena is owned by many generations of the Kuku family. It’s amazing that one day you can be a guest at their wedding, then years later they’re inviting your kids to celebrate theirs! This place has been there since before I was born so it feels like home-away-from-home when we walk through these doors together with our families from all over the world… coming to create life time memories again and again. Truly magical!

There is no better way to get married in Hawaii than at the Kukahiko site. The ocean and natural beauty will sweep you off your feet as soon as you arrive, with giant sea turtles swimming around our grounds during whale season when we can see these majestic animals from up close or watch them lazily swim by year round. For all of those who love a traditional Hawaiian feel on their wedding day, this place has just what they’re looking for – island-style furnishings that are decorated beautifully and always welcoming guests into its homey qualities! Our caterers take special care in preparing meals for every event here while also coordinating it flawlessly so that everything goes smoothly throughout each detail.

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