Best Wedding Venues in Ireland

Ireland is an idyllic destination for a wedding due to its breathtaking natural beauty and romantic atmosphere. Most of Ireland is covered in green rolling hills, small cottages, ancient castles and fishing villages – all of which provide the perfect backdrop for a dreamy wedding ceremony. The country also offers one-of-a-kind views of the Atlantic Ocean, which can be used as a stunning addition to formalized photos or as an awe-inspiring backdrop during the bride and groom’s recessional. With its beautiful weather in the spring and summer months, Ireland also allows couples to take advantage of romantic outdoor settings such as garden churches, verdant vineyards or hidden forests for their wedding ceremony or reception. By far one of the most incredible experiences in Ireland is celebrating a wedding inside an ancient castle for some old-world charm with timeless magic. No matter what type of magical setting couples want to create on their special day, Ireland has something unique that will provide just that and make their wedding unforgettable.

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