See our favorite wedding venues on Michigan below.

Why is Michigan perfect for my wedding?

Michigan has an amazing variety when it comes to wedding venues. The Great Lake State is home of gorgeous scenery and fantastic views, both in terms on outdoor weddings or indoor receptions with breathtaking architecture that will leave your guests speechless!

There are so many Michigan wedding venues that offer something for everyone. You can find rustic retreats to incredible extravagance, all in the lush surroundings of this beautiful state! Michigan has 65,000 natural lakes and ponds as well. You’ll find no matter where in the state you are that there is always less than six miles between them. On the contrary, even if the ceremony or reception does not have a waterfront view, there are always opportunities for beautiful engagement and wedding photos just around the corner.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Michigan, look no further than the Lower Peninsula. There’s also Detroit and Ann Arbor that offer an unparalleled selection of venues that will make your day unforgettable! The state of Michigan has the distinction of being split in two by a river, however it is often overlooked that there are plenty more reasons to get married here.

Detroit is a city in Michigan that offers an array of options both inside the city limits and just outside. With churches presenting breathtaking architecture, countryside accommodations complete with horse drawn carriages and baroque gazebos for those seeking more serene pastimes. Meanwhile, Tree Town, or Ann Arbor, as it’s affectionately known by locals, is a small city with tons to offer. From hidden gem wineries, golf course, and banquet halls that are brimming in culture – this cultural hub has lower prices for all your needs because you’re not paying full-fare just because you want upscale amenities!

Michigan winters are intense, with lake effect snow routinely breaking records and making wedding hosting unpredictable. It’s enough to make even the most veteran winter traveler lose their sense of direction in a blizzard! With that, the prices of services are almost always at a special discounted price. The spring and fall months are usually more of the popular times to book your event.

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