The Little Red Barn At Nunica

Nestled in Nunica, The Little Red Barn LLC stands as a testament to the 1920s’ craftsmanship, boasting its original wooden flooring and the patina of time on its barn-wood walls. Its cathedral-like ceilings, adorned with hefty timber beams, infuse the space with a sense of grandeur and rustic charm, perfect for creating a romantic ambiance. Dual grand entrances on the north and south sides enhance the barn’s accessibility and flow. The north entrance opens seamlessly onto a gentle ramp to the outdoors, while the south gateway reveals a sprawling 2,500 square-foot deck under the elegance of a striking white, double-peaked wedding tent.

Within its loft, a treasure trove of vintage décor awaits – from mason jars and birdcages to lanterns, easels, and beyond. An assortment of table numbers, tealights, cowbells, seating charts, along with burlap and lace runners, vintage crochet doilies, card boxes, faux flowers, and an array of signage, are available at no extra cost. This vendor-friendly site encourages couples to personalize their day with their choice of suppliers, offering the freedom to select your team. However, for those seeking recommendations, owners Tom and Cherry Schmidt are on hand to connect you with exceptional local vendors, ensuring your event not only supports the local economy but also guarantees great value.

Under the stewardship of Tom and Cherry, The Little Red Barn of Nunica LLC has blossomed into an enchanting backdrop for weddings and receptions, accommodating up to 200 guests, including the bridal party. They invite you to explore the charm of this rural gem and experience first-hand their commitment to making your celebration uniquely memorable and profoundly beautiful.

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