Reasons to Book an Elopement Package

Elopement Packages: Why You Should Book One 

In the last five years, elopement photography has surged in popularity, leading to an expansion in the services provided by photographers. More and more photographers have broadened their offerings, evolving their elopement packages from basic photography services to comprehensive, all-inclusive options. This shift not only relieves the stress of planning on the back end of each elopement but also ensures that each ceremony is deeply personalized when booking directly with a local photographer’s elopement package as opposed to a large directory. Hi, I’m Sean Oblizalo with Vows and Peaks, and I’m here to guide you through the benefits of why elopement packages are the best choice for your elopement!

What Are the Different Types of Elopement Packages?

Photographing, Planning + Vendor Connection

Even though couples aren’t planning a big wedding, starting the elopement process can still be overwhelming. It requires significant time and consideration, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the area. This is where elopement photographers have really stepped up their game in their packages by offering planning assistance on the backend. They help couples pick out locations, create timelines, offer lodging suggestions, and connect with vendors. The days of photographers just showing up to take photos of elopements are long gone. The elopement package offerings now include planning assistance and connecting with your vendors to assist you with every aspect, addressing even the smallest details you may not have considered. For most photographers, this is included in their elopement photography pricing.

Photographing + All-Inclusive

You could also opt for the all-inclusive elopement package route, which covers all the previously mentioned aspects like planning and vendor connections, but includes other vendors already booked within the package itself. This is a great option for those who might not have enough time to vet other vendors and want everyone to be there on the day of the elopement, ready to go. Alternatively, the package may include all the vendors the couple has already wanted to hire, making it a convenient option for them. Either way, some photographers offer all-inclusive elopement packages with a range of different offerings. For example, my all-inclusive Colorado elopement package comes with a videographer, hair and makeup services, a bouquet, and my photography coverage.

What Are the Main Benefits of Booking an Elopement Package?

1. Work Directly with Local Photographer

Unlike working with a large directory, collaborating with a local photographer offers numerous advantages. They are intimately familiar with the area, have direct connections with vendors, understand the lighting conditions, and provide maximum flexibility in case of emergencies on the day of the elopement. This flexibility is especially crucial given the unpredictable weather often encountered in Colorado. Being able to adapt quickly and having someone local who knows the area can be invaluable.

2) Great Vendor Connections

If you opt to book just a photographer, you’ll likely spend considerable time searching through vendors on Google, Yelp, and various directories. However, when you book an elopement package, you gain access to the vendor connections that the photographer utilizes and has established good rapport with. Some of the vendors I’ve collaborated with in Colorado have been integrated into my system for five years now. They specialize in elopements, allowing us to transition seamlessly in and out of each elopement, enhancing the experience for the couple. This aspect of booking an elopement package is often underrated and saves you a significant amount of time on research!

3) Eliminate Stress

For many of my couples who travel from out of state to elope in Colorado, having someone on the ground to assist with planning from afar is a huge relief. With elopement packages that include planning services upfront, you can greatly alleviate the stress of organizing an elopement from a distance. The photographer collaborates with local vendors to manage all the logistics, craft a tailored timeline, and assemble the perfect day for you!

4) Maximum Flexibility

A question that often arises is what to do about bad weather, and it’s a valid concern, especially in Colorado. However, elopement packages and vendors are well-connected and accustomed to collaborating closely. This makes them highly flexible and adaptable to changes in plans or unexpected circumstances. They’re familiar with the intricacies of the local environment and can swiftly adjust to ensure a seamless and successful elopement experience.


Overall, booking an elopement package will alleviate much of the headache of planning from a distance, such as researching local vendors, locations, and timelines. It still offers you the convenience, expertise, and peace of mind, allowing you to create unforgettable memories in your chosen destination.

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